Avon Glow Collection for Summer 2012

Glow on baby glow on! I wanted to be geeky and do a Danny Torrance and say “Shine on, Shine on..” but than I know I’d probably get into other quotes like, “Come play with us Danny, forever, and ever and ever…”


I ended up doing it anyway didn’t on?



Avon Glow Collection for Summer 2012 is now available for your Summer-y beauty budget needs. I like it and might just indulge in one of the glosses or two or three…at these prices I can get the entire collection for $20 bucks.


Avon Glow Bronzing Brush $4.99

Avon Glow Eye Liner $3.99

  • Copper Paradise
  • Desert Gold
  • Tropic Teal
  • Ultra Violet

Avon Glow Lip Gloss $3.99

  • Sunset
  • Coral
  • Nude
  • Ultra Violet

Avon Glow Bronzing Powder $8.99

  • Sunkissed Glow
  • Warm Glow
  • Light Bronze
  • Light Sands
  • Deep Tan

Avon Glow Bronzing Pearls $8.99

  • Sunkissed
  • Bronze

If you’re wanting to embrace Clarins Enchanted Summer look the liners in this collection give you an affordable way to do so. I like two of the liner shades and two of the gloss ones. I can probably skip out on the bronzing powders and pearls, just not into ’em!

Wish they did an eyeshadow palette of some sort and maybe some lippies because the biggest cheap thrill comes in the form of Avon Lipstick!

The Avon Glow Collection for Summer 2012 is available now at shop.avon.com

Anything for YOU?

  • 4/20/12 10:31 Stacie:

    This collection looks so pretty! I don’t order from Avon often but know they have such nice quality affordable products. Have a great weekend! Stacie xo


    • 4/20/12 10:32 the Muse:

      hey stacie have a nice weekend ;-D


  • 4/20/12 13:01 Candee702:

    I don’t normally care for any of the bronzing products that come out each year, but this collection calls to me for some reason. I must place an order.


  • 4/20/12 13:08 Sarah:

    I literally just said out loud, “OOOOOOOOOooooo”. This all looks really pretty!


  • 4/20/12 17:25 dangster:

    If that’s not Padma Lakshmi in the top photo, she’s definitely a dead ringer for sure!


  • 4/20/12 19:53 Mara:

    I love The Shining! hahahahaha!

    LOVE the eyeliners! I got the Gold and.. teal (i think? maybe the purple? lol) they glide on so nice.

    The lipglosses, eh I could tke or leave. They don’t have the same taste as other Avon lip glosses. As an admitted lipgloss/balm eater when I wear it, that kind of sticks out for me, lol… but if you aren’t then it’s no big deal. They have TONS of glittery/sparkle in them though, which make them SO pretty. I didn’t wear it outside but I bet when the sun hits it, AMAZING… which probably is the whole idea, lol. Oh I got the Sunset and Violet lipglosses, btw. Pretty very pretty.


    • 5/2/12 16:23 the Muse:

      lol someone else as geeky as I am ;-D mara!

      I got a few too, waiting for them to arrive, kinda meh on the glosses but ordered them anyway out of curiosity ;D


  • 4/20/12 20:12 gabriella:

    I ordered 2 of the liners! The purple and the teal, can’t wait till I get them :)


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