Beauty News: Tarte Blogs Tangerine LipSurgence, the Muse Gets Happy!

Tarte LipSurgence Lip Tint Spirited

Well, Hello Sexy!

Tarte blogs about their new shade of LipSurgence Lip Tint today in the shade Spirited, a bright, bold shade of tangerine for Summer.

I will own you.

Available now at

  • 4/19/12 15:56 Shamim:

    I wish we got tarte in australia.


    • 4/19/12 16:14 Brittany:

      Wish no more! You can get Tarte on amazon
      Ahh the power of the interwebs ;)


      • 4/20/12 5:31 Shamim:

        haha yes. But I like to do swatches before I buy!


  • 4/19/12 18:07 Chels:

    Earth Day Sale Earth Day Sale Earth Day Sale EARTH DAY SALE!

    *crosses fingers*


    • 4/19/12 21:31 Lucy:

      I’m with you! I NEED this lipsurgie!


      • 4/19/12 21:32 the Muse:



  • 4/20/12 5:33 Phyrra:

    OMG I need it! I LOVE the lipsurgence formula.


  • 4/20/12 8:22 Joan:

    Saw this on Tarte’s website a few weeks ago, but it was out of stock. Found it on Sephora and jumped on it immediately. LOVE IT!!!! All you tangerine/coral lovers will love it too!!! So happy those shades are popular now!


  • 4/20/12 17:17 Justine:

    Muse, you make me want to try a tangerine lip color so bad! Do you think it would look good on someone pale, or is it more for ladies with warmer skin tones?


    • 4/24/12 16:33 the Muse:

      not sure justine I haven’t actually seen it in person yet hun!


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