Bobbi Brown Miami Shimmer Cheek Glow Powder Gel Bronzer Summer 2012

Bienvenido a Miami!

Bobbi Brown Miami Shimmer Cheek Glow Powder Gel Bronzer get in my belly!

I want you for a gorgeous Summer-y glow on my face and cheeks. Come to mama!

Bobbi Brown Miami Shimmer Cheek Glow Powder Gel Bronzer are a new beach inspired Shimmer Cheek Glow. This skin-illuminating powder and gel hybrid gives cheeks that just-back-from-vacation glow in either a Gold or Pink shade.

These are $39 and available now at

Yes, please, I’ll have both.

  • 4/19/12 10:13 JoElla:

    Oh! I really like this a lot.

    Heads up… Bobbi will have a TSV on QVC in June, no info out yet.


    • 4/19/12 10:21 the Muse:

      i heard i heard i heardddddddddddd! ;D


  • 4/19/12 10:48 Jeannette:

    Muse – Is this a highlighter similar to the shimmer brick? It sure looks aMaZIng!!!


    • 4/19/12 10:55 the Muse:

      i dunno honey I haven’t seen it in person yet :)


  • 4/19/12 11:24 Laura:

    Whatever that girl is wearing on her lips – I need that


  • 4/19/12 12:18 Christina:

    This new hybrid sounds awfully similar to Estee Lauders and Mac’s recently released Extradimension Skinfinishes. I’m curious to see if they are.


  • 4/19/12 16:48 Amanda:

    ^ I thought about that too, Christina! I heard that the Estee Lauder gelee’s (sp?) are supposed to be really cool- also a hybrid power/gel like consistency. I don’t normally buy Estee Lauder though as it seems like an older-woman brand, but the gelee has me interested…same with this Bobbi Brown item.


    • 4/20/12 12:38 Christina:

      Hi Amanda,

      If you haven’t tried MAC’s version yet, I highly recommend that you do. They are extremely similar on. No obvious glitters; just a sheen if you don’t overapply. Plus, MAC’s is way cheaper! :)


  • 4/20/12 20:46 lara / the glossarie.:

    as beautiful as it is, the name of this product…is straight up ridiculous! can we agree? :)


    • 4/24/12 16:27 the Muse:

      LOL yes now that I think about it hahaha!


  • 4/21/12 16:54 meli:

    hi muse ….do this products closed the pores?…just want to know i`ve heard almost all bobbi brown face products…when have oily consistence closed pores….
    but i don`t own any, just heard
    help me thanks


  • 6/1/12 10:54 zahra:



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