Bobbi Brown’s Lonely Makeup Bag

Is your makeup bag feeling a little bit lonely?

Blame the Bobbi Brown Long Wear Collection.

For shame!

Poor makeup bag….!

Here’s a tissue little guy, cry it out.

Bobbi’s new Long Wear Collection is available now at but please try not to forget to give your lonely makeup bag a little love even after purchasing the collection k? Makeup bags need lurve too!

  • 4/24/12 13:19 Cj:

    Anyone else want to glue eyes to their makeup bag after watching this?


    • 4/24/12 13:30 the Muse:

      me me me!


    • 4/24/12 15:29 Alanna:

      Me too me too! And an extra pair of false lashes, LOL


  • 4/24/12 13:37 Lillie:

    Oh my gosh – this little stunt actually caused me to “unfollow” her on Pinterest. I’m also annoyed that she is pushing those eyeliner pencils like crazy on Facebook, and they are completely sold out (except green). I am a huge Bobbi fan, but her social media skillz could use a little improving.


    • 4/24/12 13:42 the Muse:

      why’s that lillie? I thought the video was cute 😀 Just head to a counter to grab the pencils or they ship free ;-D Neiman’s has them in stock as well :) but no free shipping boo! <—Hunter (Green) in stock as well as other shades.


      • 4/24/12 14:02 Lillie:

        I don’t know. I just think it’s annoying. Not the video, so much as a bunch of the pictures in my Pinterest feed. I just find all her Pinterest posts boring and uninspired. It’s beauty I want to see! And I hadn’t really thought about other purchasing outlets – I had wanted to take advantage of the 20% off last week. That will teach me to wait til the last minute to buy. Next year, I’m going to have a list ready to go on the first day! Thanks for the free shipping tip on Nordies. I hate living in the boonies – I imagine my not-so-local counter has them too.


        • 4/24/12 14:04 the Muse:

          I don’t really follow her pininterest tbh but her blog, just Bobbi, is awesome ;-D I think that’s the point of pininterest though lol, pictures and not a ton else ;-D wasn’t sure what you mean as you said the video annoyed you so you unfollowed her on pininterest, I got a little confuddled ;-D

          yeah, whenever there is an FF you def have to shop early b/c stuff sells out super fast! my pleasure, Nordie’s ships going to you and coming back to them if you hate like Sephora…so it’s pretty cool.


  • 4/24/12 17:30 Amanda:

    Well, this is interesting! They are definitely trying to appeal to younger gals with this video and hashtag business.


  • 4/24/12 18:52 Sarah:

    Aww poor lonely little makeup bag. :(


  • 4/24/12 21:44 Melissa:

    So cute. I think I’ll put some googlie eyes on my makeup bag? :)


    • 4/25/12 9:53 the Muse:

      good idea ;-D!


  • 4/25/12 9:26 JenJ:

    LOL! That was cute!


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