BRTC Vitamin C Velvet Mask Review

Thus far, BRTC Facial Sheet Masks have proved incredibly disappointing but I think I’ve finally nailed down one I actually like.

Let’s take a look at the BRTC Vitamin C Velvet Mask.

BRTC Vitamin C Velvet Mask is for dull, pigmented skin. It was created to hydrate as well as brighten while evening out skin tone. Since I have dull skin I always choose brighten/whitening masks.

To use the mask, you simply place it over your face and wait 20-40 minutes. The mask is saturated with essence and is a cotton fiber format that adheres to fast with holes for eyes, lips, and nose.

It contains Vitamin C for eliminating spots and improving skin tone, Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate and retain moisture, Hydrolyzed Collagen to soften and moisturizer, and Allantoin sooth.

I’m always skeptical of Vitamin C enriched products so wasn’t sure this would be helpful aiding in dullness and/or whitening and brightening.

Each box holds five masks and I used them over the course of a month. Results are visible after first use. Dullness eases and skin looks noticeably brighter and whiter. Effects are temporary so using a mask or two a week is recommended for the best, longest lasting results. The formula is nicely hydrated but not as nice as some of my other more moisturizing masks. The plus here is the brightening ability but not so much the moisture it delivers to skin. The essence is nicely dewy without being tacky or sticky.

With my rather negative track record with BRTC Sheet Masks I was pleasantly surprised by this one.

I liked it a lot.

Worth a pick up if your skin is dull and in need of a pick me up!

Muse Approved for purchase. carries many different formulations from the BRTC Sheet Mask line.

Tried it?

Do share!

Love any particularly formula of the BRTC Sheet Mask Collection?

Do tell me which ones!

  • 4/4/12 23:40 Southern Gorgeous:

    Love it! I currently use 40 Carrots on my face, neck and back of my hands to brighten and avoid hyper pigmentation and it’s been so fantastic!


  • 4/7/12 17:49 brain pillsner:

    this Vitamin C Velvet Mask sounds pretty powerful… i think its crucial to acquire sufficient vitamin c… i came across a review site which speaks on behalf of acerola cherry. it apparently, acerola cherry has 65x more vitamin c then even an orange has. pretty neat stuff!


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