Cargo Hybrid Touch Up Powder Because Mattifying Powder and Bronzer in the Same Compact is a Good Idea?

Some things go to together brilliantly….

Toast and peanut butter, Nutella and apples, a warm coat on a cold day…

But I’m not technically sure I’d tell you to combine your mattifying powder and bronzer into a single compact…

Cargo Hybrid Touch Up Powder thinks it’s a good idea.

Cargo Hybrid Touch Up Powder is a dual powder compact that features a silky smooth mattifying powder on one side to absorb excess oil and a bronzer on the other side that gives a soft, natural bronze finish to face.

This innovative powder provides the benefits of a pressed powder while delivering a natural looking tan finish, packaged together, living happily ever after, enjoying each others company, friends until the end…

Cargo suggests using the mattifying side on your t-zone or oily areas and the bronzer side on areas of your face that would be naturally hit by the sun.

Or you might as well just get all kinds of crazy and swirl them together for a quickie mattifying glow.

Yay or nay for mattifying bronzer?

Not sure I buy into it….! Swirling together too much bronzer on your face is danger, danger, dangerous.

Available now at Ulta and

  • 4/9/12 14:08 Eli:

    Yay! This might create the perfect bronze shade cuz you can control the amount of bronze on the brush, and it will look really natural!


  • 4/9/12 16:26 Jen:

    Remember, not all bronzer has the shimmer in it. 😉 so taking that in mind, this may be a great idea.


  • 4/10/12 9:16 kikai:

    Noo no likey! I dont like my products touching each other. Yep, im weird that way. 😀


  • 4/10/12 10:50 jenna:

    i think it depends on your skin tone! if you’re already tanned it would be quick and easy to swirl your brush around and voila! but fairer girls doing so could be disastrous!


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