CK One Makeup Launches at

Great news!

The CK One Makeup Collection I told you about a month or so ago has launched at

This weekend, Ulta Stores have 20% Off (they sent coupons in the mail) so hopefully your Ulta (as well as mine) has the collection in stock.

Here are a few items that caught my eye!

CK One Mousse Concealer $20
Lightweight, air-whipped Mousse Concealer by cK Color delivers full coverage for a natural, seamless finish. Available in six shades.

CK One Color + Treat Lip Kit $28
Color + Treat Lip Kit is a gentle scrub, soothing balm, plumper, lip color and gloss in one portable kit. Available in two shades.

CK One Lipgloss $15
Lightweight high-shine lipgloss by cK Color with vivid multi-dimensional color. Ergonomically designed applicator for easy + even application. Available in 11 shades.

CK One Water Fresh Face Makeup SPF 15 $32
Water Fresh Face Makeup SPF 15 by cK Color is a lightweight + refreshing water-based compact face makeup with versatile coverage for a luminous, natural finish. Available in 10 shades.

CK One Skin Illuminator $20
Skin Illuminator by cK Color is a cool refreshing illuminator that smoothes on easily to a subtle pearlescent finish instantly highlighting skin for a healthy natural-looking glow. Available in two shades.

CK One Powder Eyeshadow Quad $28
Powder Eyeshadow Quad by cK Color accentuates, illuminates, defines and lines. Easy to use eyeshadow palette with varied textures and finishes – from pearlized to matte, light to intense. Available in six shades.

CK One Gloss Eyecolor $17
Gloss Eyecolor by cK Color are soft sheen transparent color gloss pencils that are infinitely blendable, multi-tasking, spontaneous color. Available in five shades.

CK One Cream + Powder Blush Duo $25
Cream + Powder Blush Duo by cK Color is a gloss cream and micro-fine powder blush that creates versatile effects. Available in five shades.

The collection covers quite a large range of color and base products. I was very curious about the Mousse Concealer as I’m such a huge fan of the long gone Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer so my ears perked up when I heard “mousse”.

I thought the price range interesting as it’s kind of all over the place. It goes from mid-range to higher end pricing, kinda feel like a ping pong ball with these prices but I won’t mind so much if the quality proves good.

What do you think of the collection?

It’s available now, online at

  • 4/5/12 10:53 Cj:

    I’m actually really excited for this, It might even make me take a trip to my evil Ulta lol. The concealer, foundation, blush duo’s all look great! And those lipgloss applicators look amazing 😀

    Btw the foundation, its a cream right?


    • 4/5/12 10:55 the Muse:

      foundation is indeed cream from my understanding ;-D I’m waiting om some samples as I don’t want to drive an hour to get to ulta ;-D! and didn’t want to order online. Hopefully they include the foundation if not will purchase one for review. really NEED the concealer.


      • 4/5/12 10:58 Cj:

        Well as always I can’t wait to hear your thoughts :D!


        • 4/5/12 10:59 the Muse:

          :-D! thanks dear!


  • 4/5/12 10:54 kimkats:

    lol – I keep reading “ick” on the lids of the products – I see the “ck” and I keep adding an “i” to it for some reason! 😀

    that looks nice – I’m really intrigued by the water based foundation – sounds a lot like the one Vincent Longo makes that was so farkin’ popular several years ago…. Now – if the _+%()!@(&! Ulta they’re building here would only OPEN UP! Geeeeezzzzzzz (long whine)

    those shadows look nice too – shewt- all of it looks nice!


  • 4/5/12 14:10 Nikki:

    Everything looks goregous!!!


  • 4/5/12 15:04 breyerchic04:

    Want gloss eyecolor!


  • 4/5/12 15:37 Margaret McGlynn:

    Just when you thought it was safe to view another makeup collection launch…That blue pencil, the little palette with the interesting shades. The packaging. How do they do it? Me want!


  • 4/6/12 3:02 Shasta:

    Really really nice! Love the black and white. I have to try the lip palette. Hope the eye gloss pencils are fabulous.


  • 4/6/12 14:34 Holly:

    They all look really nice. I definitely want to try some of these out. Oh and ULTA says that this line is excluded from coupons, bummer.


  • 4/6/12 16:50 Tavia:

    The strangest think is that I was looking forward to seeing 3 in 1 Face Makeup Spf 8 and now I don’t see it. It appears on the promo photos but is not available for sale. Any idea? PS: I wrote you an email a couple of days ago.


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