Clarins Enchanted Collection Summer 2012

Is there any time I’m not enchanted by Clarins? Clarins Enchanted is a fitting name for the Summer 2012 Collection if ever there was one don’t you agree?

Much to my delight I share news with you today that finally after two seasons of seeing them released in the UK, Clarins has brought their Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balm to the US market.

I’m so excited and I know many of you will be too. Beauty junkies have been waiting for this for a while. Clarins has consecutively included the balms in at least two Summer Collections launched in the UK but they never made it to our market for some reason.

This year, Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balm launches in an array of colors with the Clarins Enchanted Collection for Summer 2012.

Happy days!

Voyage to the heart of India. Sport a sunny complexion, intensify the eyes and let your lips sparkle. This summer, Clarins travels to the heart of India where traditional patterns and shimmering tones reign.

Clarins Bronzing Duo SPF 15 $34
Illuminate your complexion with subtle, natural looking colour or blend the complementary shades to deepen your tan. Triple protection against pollution, free radicals and UV rays.

Clarins Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balm $24.50
Clarins famous Instant Smooth technology is incorporated into these new crystal balms to smooth, shape and plump lips. A new generation formula delivers the color of a lipstick, the transparency of a gloss and the comfort of a lip balm.


  • Crystal Pink
  • Crystal Violet
  • Crystal Coral
  • Crystal Red

Clarins Colour Quench Lip Balm $18
Long-lasting moisture and shine.

New Shades:

  • Pink Jaipur
  • Nude Delhi

Clarins Kohl Kajal $24
A modern version of traditional Indian kohl eyeliner. Pure, concentrated color delivers highly concentrated pigment for dramatic eyes. The creamy texture allows for smooth application and can be used inside the eye or along the lash line.


  • Black
  • Violet

Clarins Enchanted Colour Quartet & Liner Palette $40
This collector’s edition eye palette takes you to India with its luminous colors and motif inspired by traditional saris.

Clarins Wonder Waterproof Mascara $24
Water-resistant formula lengthens, defines and curls lashes.

The Clarins Summer 2012 Makeup Collection will be available May 2012 at Clarins counters nationwide and

I, for one, can’t wait.

Anything you love from this collection?

Excited about Crystal Lip Balm?

Do share!

  • 4/5/12 10:20 amy:

    I think I could string that eyeshadow palette on a gold chain and wear it as necklace…whoa, that’s pretty.


  • 4/5/12 10:20 yelena:

    wow that collector’s edition indian palette looks absolutely gorgeous! i didnt even know clarins had a make up line I always saw only my mom buy skin care so i never paid any attention to it. :) are u going to be posting swatches and reviews?


    • 4/5/12 10:44 the Muse:

      Yes Yelena shortly :)


      • 4/5/12 11:02 yelena:



  • 4/5/12 10:27 Ruth:

    that eyeshadow pallet is truely drool worthy! the patterning on the case that extends over to the shadows is unbelievably stunning. I think that it may have to go home with me.


  • 4/5/12 10:50 kimkats:

    Ooooooo…. me wanty the palette and the coral lip balm! DANG – those are gorg! Can’t WAIT to see the swatches of it all!

    Ooooo Muse – u so bad for my wallet! 😀


    • 4/5/12 10:52 the Muse:

      who me? naaaaaaaa ;D


  • 4/5/12 10:54 Cj:

    I cried at color of a lipstick :( I probably won’t be able to pull those off am I?


    • 4/5/12 10:56 the Muse:

      sure you can! they are like the maybelline pop collection from last year, clear balms, not much color ;-D!!!!!!!!! moisturizing/hydrating


      • 4/5/12 11:01 Cj:

        Oh .. YAY! Lol I thought they were gonna be like lipstick pigmentation. Now I want them all! Even the purple rofl 😀


        • 4/5/12 11:05 the Muse:

          yeah ;-D!!!!!!!!!!!! they are gel-like balms ;-D


          • 4/5/12 15:20 Tammie:

            It looks like they have a more opaque core in the picture, what do you think? I think that might be fun~

  • 4/5/12 11:04 Melanie:

    Is that a bright teal mascara? Whoa!


  • 4/5/12 11:05 Kim:

    The lipsticks remind me of the new Avon ones with the color core and clear balm.


    • 4/5/12 11:37 Michelle:

      Yes…it looked like Avon tried to pull off a dupe there :)


  • 4/5/12 11:42 Michelle:

    What can I say….the violet kohl eyeliner, the Indian-inspired palette….WANT!!! My hubby is South Asian so I just adore all of the bright colors from his part of the world. You can get kohl eyeliner real cheap in Pakistan but it comes in just one color–black.

    Also, the model’s eyeliner look is great. The color is really pretty but it’s not too overdone. Great job, Clarins!


  • 4/5/12 14:33 Nikki:

    Oh my goodness that eyeshadow pallet is so pretty!!! I want it!


  • 4/5/12 15:20 Tammie:

    Very interested in the crystal lip balms 😀


  • 4/5/12 17:41 Southern Gorgeous:

    Woah. I’m definitely gaga for those crystal lippies, but the Tri Sigma inside me is dying for the purple in the palette!


  • 4/5/12 18:18 dina:

    gorgeous!!! the crystal balms and palette are calling *sigh*


  • 4/5/12 20:39 Cynthia:

    definitely saving up for the palette!


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