Did You Know Fergie is the New Face of Wet n Wild?

Fergie is so licious that she has her hands in all kinds of beauty goodies. She has two fragrances with Avon and most recently, wait for it, step back, pause….drum roll…

She’s been selected as the first Face and Global Ambassador for Wet n Wild.

In addition to being the new face for the brand she’ll be launching some signature products for them as well.

She was supposed to shoot her first campaign photos in March but I haven’t yet seen images surface. I imagine they have plans for either a big Summer launch or more of a Fall 2012, Back to School launch. We shall see!

What do you think of Fergie and Wet n Wild?

  • 4/12/12 10:12 Sarah S.:

    I’m not really a fan of hers but at least she does fun, extreme looks that I think fit well with the brand. I hope signing on a global ambassador doesn’t mean they’re going to start testing on animals ala Estee Lauder :-/


  • 4/12/12 10:17 JoElla:

    I am curious to see what they do. I am a huge fan of Wet and Wild =)


  • 4/12/12 10:24 kimkats:

    I find it kind of interesting that WnW has gone this long (and done this well) without *any* spokescelebrity thus far. I wonder if having a well paid endorser will jack up the price of WnW. It was always its sort of “we don’t need to do things YOUR way” philosophy that I liked; I hope that doesn’t change, but this doesn’t bode well for it……


  • 4/12/12 17:55 Michelle:

    I wonder what AVON thinks of Fergie and WnW? Well…I guess they really can’t do anything, can they? Frankly, I was surprised when I read this post, then I realized that Fergie just has the fragrances and I guess she can do whatever she wants. Got her mixed up with Reese Witherspoon who I believe is the “official” face of Avon these days.


  • 4/13/12 7:55 Jane:

    Perfect. Both are cheap! Oops!


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