Dior Croisette Summer 2012 Collection

“On vacation, you can wear all the colorful and casual clothing that you like, but you must always be elegant,” said Christian Dior.

Inspired by the art de vivre of the French Riviera, the Dior Croisette Collection for Summer 2012 combines the peace of the French countryside with the splendor of Saint Tropez. These locations have always been a prolific source of inspiration for Christian Dior. From Dior’s first swimsuit collections and seaside fashion creations in the Fifties to the current Cruise Collections, the French Riviera also embodies the brand’s most daring, fresh and colorful lines today.

Take a look!

Dior 5 Couleurs Croisette Edition $60
Embossed with sunburst pleats, these palettes are inspired by the sophisticated “pleating” technique used on the fabric of Dior dresses. The Swimming Pool harmony recalls a dive into the Mediterranean while the Aurora harmony is a warm collection inspired by a day spent sunbathing on the beach.


  • Swimming Pool
  • Aurora

Dior 1 Couleur Eye Gloss $28
Introducing the first eye gloss by Dior in two fresh, sparkling shades. This gel eyeshadow formula glides on effortlessly for a long-lasting, hydrated look, and a fresh, cooling sensation on the lids.


  • Tan
  • Sunset

Dior Addict Lip Balm $30
Dior Addict Lip Balm features a nourishing skincare complex filled with moisturizing oils enriched with hyaluronic acid spheres, in


Dior Addict Lipstick $30

  • Palace
  • Casual Gold
  • Jet Set

Dior Ultra-Gloss $28

  • Brown Panama
  • Pink Croisette
  • Orange Pareo

Diorshow Liner Waterproof in Turquoise $29

Dior Vernis $26

  • Bikini
  • Saint Tropez

The Dior Summer Makeup 2012 Collection launches on counter this Summer and online at www.dior.com shortly.

  • 4/4/12 12:11 Cj:

    The need I have for that balm cannot be put into words. I would cut someone for it if I had to. But not you ofcourse cuz ya know <3 lol

    The 2 nail polishes look really nice too, I never tried a Dior polish b4 tho.


    • 4/4/12 12:13 the Muse:

      LOL I understand completely and if you must I’ll sacrifice an arm ;-D they make a nice polish…I’m wearing the peachy shade on my toes at the moment ;-D lovely stuff. but I’m def NO expert in NP! haha!


      • 4/4/12 12:17 Cj:

        Lol awesome :) Do you remember how many coats you had to do b4 it was fully opaque?


        • 4/4/12 12:18 the Muse:

          two coats and a top coat to seal ;-D color was true to the bottle after that!


          • 4/4/12 12:21 Cj:

            Amazing 😀 now I’m like double excited for this collection lol!

          • 4/4/12 12:26 the Muse:


  • 4/4/12 12:14 Tammie:

    Only thing I want is the balm still…phew! I hope my Sephora gets their Croisette display set up soon…they take quite some time getting new things in it seems!

    I wonder if the pink lip gloss is pretty opaque, it’s the only other thing that catches my eye.


  • 4/4/12 13:21 Kim:

    I like everything! Dior nail polishes are awesome; they have the best brush.

    My Sephora also seems to be slow about putting new stuff up too, Tammie. However, I did see most of these items at sephora.com this afternoon. Should I use my 15% off Chic Week coupon, for the third time, online? :)


    • 4/4/12 13:27 Tammie:

      Do it!!! Haha. I however, am not spending $50 right now (at least, not at Sephora…) even with the lip balm so I’m better off waiting. You won’t catch me paying for shipping xD


  • 4/4/12 14:13 Sarah S.:

    the starburst pattern on the palettes is so old-fashioned (in a great way)!


  • 4/4/12 23:59 elle:

    I really love the second eye shadow palette! I just wish it wasn’t shimmery/glittery.


  • 4/5/12 2:21 Deb:

    I think I need the Swimming Pool Quint!


    • 4/25/12 14:32 nawi:

      yes you do I luckly own it and love it even though I have brown eyes the contrast is great!


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