Do You Need A Helping of Retinol with Your SPF in the Morning? Philosophy Help Me SPF 30 Retinol Day Treatment

I dunno if I technically need a retinol treatment with an SPF. I’m getting to an age where a retinol is an important part of my skincare routine if not to keep the wrinkles at bay but to give my duller skin a much needed perk up.

A retinol treatment with SPF?

Mmm I dunno.

But Philosophy Help Me SPF 30 Retinol Day Treatment is just that.

Philosophy Help Me SPF 30 Retinol Day Treatment is a daytime retinol treatment with an SPF 30 built right in to give skin a youthful glow while providing sun protection.

Any skin type experiencing finer liners or wanting to prevent them or someone wanting to not only use a nightly retinol but also a daily one might want to indulge in the new Philosophy Help Me SPF 30 Retinol Day Treatment.

This was inspired my Philosophy’s original Help Me retinol treatment and was designed to increase the benefits of a retinol treatment.

What’s better than one retinol treatment?

Two obviously, one for the night and one for the day.

Whatcha think?

Willing to enjoy your retinol in the morning as well as the evening?

P.S. Diana is Chuck’s mum? Get out of the city!

  • 4/18/12 13:46 Deb:

    I’m a little confused on this one. Retinoids increase sun sensitivity pretty dramatically. When I’ve used prescription retinol, the dermatologist has been very clear on avoiding the sun as much as possible and when that’s not possible, using at least an SPF of 50 or higher. Maybe things have changed?


    • 4/18/12 13:54 the Muse:

      I’ve heard the same but I think it’s Philosophy “version” of a retinol…like their miracle worker pads…but yes, it’s a bit odd ;D


  • 4/18/12 16:20 Hillary:

    retinol breaks down in sunlight, hence the aluminum tubes most of the retinols come in. sure, it will work while you’re getting ready but the second you go outside “poof”! i do like their help me retinol though.


  • 4/19/12 16:52 Amanda:

    This is weird..I’ve never heard of retinol in daytime-use products. I always apply my Retin-a Micro at night and thought that was the way to use it.


  • 5/29/13 17:34 Ashley:

    I know that this is way over due, but I totally got this and have been using it for a couple months now, probably since the winter and it’s great. It’s a little thick when you apply it on your skin sans moisturizer (I have oily skin so now that it’s practically summer I don’t moisturize for fear of major oil slickage) but it doesn’t make me all greasy like other sun screens. I really recommend this to combination skin girls because it’s thick enough to moisturize the dry patches but doesn’t make your face overtly oily. Have no idea what the retinol does though.


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