Hello Kitty Big Pink Bow Collection for Summer 2012

The Hello Kitty Beauty Collection gets a new fragrance for Summer 2012 in the form of Big Pink Bow. Interestingly enough, this is a rather small collection without any color palette as of yet, I wonder if we’ll see one as Summer gets closer?

But there is, to my surprise, a bronzer!

Who knew Hello Kitty liked bronzer?

Hello Kitty Big Pink Bow $58
The always sweet, always bright, and always delightful Hello Kitty wouldn’t dare leave the house without her signature fruity and floral accessory—Big Pink Bow. Let the delicious blend of juicy pineapple, pink honeysuckle, tantalizing gardenia, fresh coconut, and warm vanilla charm its way into becoming your new favorite accessory, too.

Frangipani, Juicy Pineapple, Gardenia, Pink Honeysuckle, TiareFlower, Coconut Water, Vanilla, Kissed Skin Accord.

Hello Kitty Big Pink Bow Rollergirl $19

Hello Kitty Big Pink Bow Perfume To Go Ring $29

Hello Kitty Retractable Kabuki Brush $28

Hello Kitty Bronzer $28
Dressed in cream with gold accents, this luxurious bronzer palette is the perfectly pretty addition to your makeup collection. Get a gorgeous, pearlescent glow with the flattering shade that fits most skin tones. Free of faux shimmer, your complexion will be left lightly tanned and contoured, and beautifully protected by strawberry, grape seed, and apple extracts.

Anything you’re wanting?

I like the original Hello Kitty Fragrance so I might go ahead and indulge in Big Pink Bow as it promises some fruity, fun notes.

Available shortly at Sephora and Sephora.com

  • 4/2/12 12:08 Jen:

    That is suuuch a cuute perfume!!! But $58 is too much to spend… to bad they don’t have a smaller size with that bottle.


  • 4/2/12 12:49 Comrade Garlic:

    Must have the ring and the bronzer. The spring HK collection is now on sale, 50% off.


  • 4/2/12 13:01 dina:

    so freakin’ cute!!!!!!!!! hope it makes it in time for 15% by some off chance. i always feel like when i’m stalking something on there it takes an eternity to become available 😛


  • 4/3/12 0:44 cat:

    It must be said… the Hello Kitty Big Pink Bow Rollergirl is a little bit phallic.


  • 4/3/12 1:28 Heather:

    SHUT THE F UP!!!!! LOL I can not stand the cuteness of all this stuff!!! I’m gonna be broke this summer!


  • 4/3/12 3:20 Quinctia:

    I’m going to pout. That’s the first fragrance that sounds like it wouldn’t give me a migraine, and it’s not in one of those adorable atomizers like the last two.

    Heck, if those perfume were half the price, I would’ve bought one of the other two for the bottle and put something I’d wear in it! XD


  • 4/3/12 4:09 Tavia:

    OK STOP! You can’t post things like this….what if this collection is not available at Sephora in my country. What I will do then? Honestly I couldn’t sleep all night thinking about this super mega cute bottle perfume :) I’ll just have to go and ask today if these products are going to be available, I hope for a positive answer….I want this perfume soooo muuuch. :)


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