How to Apply False Lashes without a Poking an Eye Thanks to MAC Senior Artist, Jennifer Chen

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Thank the make gods we have MAC Senior Artist Jennifer Chen to teach us how to apply falsies, because peeps, if I was doing the teaching you’d poke an eye or two out.

Do you wear falsies often?


I can’t be arsed to be honest. Seriously, curl, mascara, and go here. I can’t picture myself sitting around half asleep in the morning armed with lashes and glue. That’s lethal.

P.S. Jennifer looks like Suren from Being Human, my geeky moment of the day!

  • 4/9/12 12:29 Cj:

    Wow… I was going to say the exact same thing about her looking like Suren but you beat me to it lol.


    • 4/9/12 12:30 the Muse:

      HAH!!!!!! right?! suren is such a fox ;-D i wanna be her when I grow up ;-D


      • 4/9/12 15:14 Ruth:

        have you two seen “Dollhouse”?? She was in it and played Sierra and was completely awesome and badass!


        • 4/9/12 15:19 the Muse:

          sure did! like her as suren better for some reason, her bitchy, hardhearted attitude, rocks! ps hate they axed doll house so quickly, was a great show.


          • 4/9/12 15:54 Ruth:

            I know! only about 4eps into US season 2 & totally digging her as Suren & really liking this season better compared to season 1.

            during the one ep of dollhouse when her old boyfriend bought her as a doll and she killed him was the best! Still a bit bitter about the cancelation of the show. It was really good, but at least Fox allowed him to end it instead of just canceling the series wihtout an end. I so hate that!

          • 4/10/12 12:44 the Muse:

            I’m actually up to date surprisingly! she’s really self centered though ;( poor Aidan! do you watch the BBC version by chance? I heard fringe is on the bubble too the horror :(

  • 4/9/12 14:34 Lisa:

    I needed this! I can do false lashes on other people but myself it seems I just get glue all over. It’s a disaster. Thank you Muse!!!


    • 4/9/12 14:54 the Muse:

      my pleasure elisa ;-D!


  • 4/9/12 16:54 Tiffany C.:

    Suren in pretty but she irritates me!! LOL!! How can she give up Aiden?!!!


    • 4/10/12 9:38 the Muse:

      I know right? I’d give up water and air for that man ;-D


  • 4/9/12 20:53 Sarah:

    I’ve worn falsies once, a fairly tame pair at that, and my god – I wanted to rip them off my eyes every time I blinked. I’m assuming I didn’t place them close enough to the lash line perhaps? Either way, I think I will continue to fantasise about wearing them but mostly avoid it!


  • 4/9/12 21:32 electronicfly:

    T.T “This video has been removed by the user”. Sigh


    • 4/10/12 9:31 the Muse:

      all corrected electronic looks like mac moved the vid


      • 4/10/12 10:09 electronicfly:

        Oh yay, it’s not removed! *loads vid*


        • 4/10/12 10:11 the Muse:

          ;-D they moved it, sorry!


          • 4/10/12 10:36 electronicfly:

            No need for apologies! already watched the vid hehe. Wasn’t really that informative for me, but the bend-lash-when-glue’s-wet thing was new 😛

  • 4/10/12 2:55 MelissaF:

    Getting video removed by user??


    • 4/10/12 9:24 the Muse:

      link corrected melissa, sorry, mac seems to have moved the vid around.


  • 4/10/12 13:45 Ruth:

    I do watch the BBC version but I haven’t started this current series yet. Maybe Suren is bitchy because she saw Aiden over on the BBC and realized that he’s WAAAYYY hotter than Mitchell =) maybe Fox will give Fringe couple of extra eppies like they did for Chuck so they can finish it off. They seem to be going that way since we know that Peter is in the correct time line, Lincoln is getting an Olivia,, the rift is healing and the other side is opening up the amber areas.


  • 4/10/12 16:05 Nunu:

    Never watched Being Human, but the first thing that popped to my mind was “Sierra from Dollhouse!” heh same actress different character xD.
    Dude how totally rocking is her hair in the video?! I WANT!


  • 9/15/12 1:36 Ada:

    I love lashes!!


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