Josie Maran Summer Lovin’ Argan Lip & Cheek Color Stick Set

Summer Lovin’ had me a blast! Summer lovin’ happened so fast.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done Karaoke to Summer Nights and have ALWAYS had to play Danny to my best friend Jai’s Sandy. Jai wants to be Sandy when he grows up needless to say.

How about a little Summer lovin’ from our friend Josie.

I love you Josie, thank you for slapping together a crumb load of your brilliant Lip & Cheek Color Sticks into one set for one low price.

Don’t be mad at me though girl, I would change one thing, please make them all color sticks next time, I can do without the clear. Deal?

Facts is fact, Josie Maran Color Sticks are just a joy. These Argan oil infused color sticks can be used on lips and cheeks to create a lovely glow of color plus they have a fairly long wear time even in the Summer heat. No nonsense makeup that’s lightweight and with a pretty little gleam is so essential for Summer and these sticks deliver it.


  • Josie Maran Argan Moisturizing Stick in Clear
  • Josie Maran Argan Color Stick in Summer Lovin’ (peachy pink), Poppy (petal pink), and Rosey (dusty rose)

We love it, right?

Available now at Sephora and

  • 4/5/12 12:49 kimkats:

    I think we do love it, tho I can’t figure out the reason for a clear one? Price of $32 isn’t bad at all, either!


    • 4/5/12 12:51 the Muse:

      you use it on your elbows, knees, heels ;-D or just lips (obviously not both body and face hahaha) or dry patchy areas on your face kim!


  • 4/5/12 12:54 kimkats:

    Ooooohhhhhhhhh…… der! So – I get a lip balm along with everything else? Sign me up! 😀


    • 4/5/12 12:59 the Muse:

      basically lol! ;-D I have 3 of the clear. Once for my face (I apply on patchy areas overnight), one for my lips, and the other I use on my elbows and knees!


  • 4/5/12 13:30 Diane:

    Great minds think a like. Just got this from sephora and I started singing summer nights during my haul video talking about this lol. Really great value especially with the 15% off from sephora. The color sticks are beautiful. Loving argan oil. Was happy for a clear one- use it too if any stray hairs are misbehaving!


    • 4/5/12 13:39 the Muse:

      diane I LOVE it ;-D I have plenty of full sizes ones already but adore this set ;-D great haul!


  • 4/5/12 16:20 Sara Elisabeth:

    I ordered this too. I Have the full sized petal pink color stick. I love it!


  • 4/5/12 17:29 Southern Gorgeous:

    Now this is exciting! I love all in one sticks!!


  • 4/5/12 18:06 Lulubelle:

    Ordered it yesterday, eagerly awaiting arrival! I’ve got the petal pink and have really enjoyed it!


  • 4/5/12 21:09 Nancy:

    Muse, have you ever thought about doing a blog post on Jai? He sounds like a really fun person!


    • 4/5/12 21:20 the Muse:

      it probably wouldn’t be a blog post nancy, more like a novel…and than Mattie, Jai’s boyfriend would want a novel as well, it would turn into beauty chaos and the blog would be run by fabulous gay men and where would the average, every day beauty muse be? Out in the cold sniff! lol But no Jai is pretty darn amazing, he’d make a great guess blogger but I’ve never actually asked him to submit before, that’s an idea.


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