Laura Geller Pink Buttercream Baked Blush-N-Brighten

Laura Geller Blush n Brighten 222

It’s been far too long since Laura gifted us with a new shade of Baked Blush-n-Brighten. I love the formula of these blushes so I’m ever so delighted a new shade is in the works for Summer.

Take a peek!

Laura Geller Pink Buttercream Baked Blush-N-Brighten will soon join the ranks of my little stash of blushers.

This pink petal hue is swirled with copper and golden flecks!

Laura Geller Pink Buttercream Baked Blush N Brighten 1

Laura Geller Pink Buttercream Baked Blush N Brighten 2


I’m terribly excited.

Do you love Laura’s Baked Blush-n-Brighten?

Any fav shades?

  • 4/16/12 21:43 Crissylex:

    Hey Muse,
    I think the Pink Buttercream is a previous release from a LG collection set. It is also available in EBay. Just thought you wanted to know.


    • 4/17/12 9:16 the Muse:

      thanks crissy!


  • 4/16/12 21:49 midori:

    Ohh that looks pretty! I’ve never used Laura Geller before…maybe it’s time I try something from the line?


  • 4/16/12 21:58 breyerchic04:

    the only Laura Gellar I have was in my birchbox, and I like that blush well enough that I’m considering getting another one or two.


  • 4/17/12 0:38 AmyK:

    Hi Muse! I just ordered this from QVC Saturday!!
    Your post made me reminisce about Laura Geller.
    The very first item I ever bought from Sephora was Laura’s blush in Golden Apricot. This was back when I would buy one blush at a time and use the same one for a few years. (Now I’m a makeup junkie!!!) I threw It out when it got old. I’ve been meaning to replace it cuz it was such a fave of mine!!


    • 4/17/12 9:13 the Muse:

      hey amy! yay! brilliant you must tell me how it is when it arrives! I imagine I’ll order it as well. Golden Apricot is such a gorg shade ;-D a fav of mine as well!


      • 4/17/12 14:43 AmyK:

        I know Pink Buttercream will be awesome! I ordered the Bake Sale collection when it was a TSV. I didn’t like the pie eyeshadows and I’m allergic to her lipsticks/glosses (they contain lanolin) so I sent it back even though the blush made me drool!


  • 4/17/12 0:58 Melissa:

    I’m loving pink grapefruit right now I also like tiramisu but I have like i dunno 500 so I need to see how this swatches before I commit to it. Maybe ulta will get it.


    • 4/17/12 9:13 the Muse:

      i really need to get on board with tiramisu, it doesn’t apply well on me for some reason!


  • 4/17/12 8:30 JenJ:

    never tried em before. the look purty!


  • 4/17/12 10:51 Madison:

    This blush sold out on QVC on April 16.


    • 4/17/12 10:55 the Muse:

      sorry madison was in stock when I posted it. perhaps get on the wait list.


    • 4/17/12 14:41 AmyK:

      Hi Madison, It’s also available at w/o the brush


  • 4/17/12 14:27 Phyrra:

    Laura Geller’s blushes are always so pretty!


  • 4/17/12 14:44 Laura:

    MY HG blish is the Laura Geller Tropic Hues – I seriously would die if she stopped making it. It’s perfect!!!


    • 4/17/12 14:50 the Muse:

      mine too love!


    • 4/17/12 14:55 AmyK:

      I love that one too! I wore it like 6 months straight last spring/summer… and I NEVER do that! I usually get bored and change things up in a week or two.

      My other HG brush is for fall/winter… Bobbi Brown Slopes! It’s so awesome.


  • 7/11/12 22:30 diane:

    i have a fairy new addiction to these blushes! i’ve been dying for mimosa and it isn’t available anywhere :(


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