Lorac TANtalizer Lips With Benefits Review & Swatches

Ironically I hate bronzer powders but I love bronze-y eyeshadows and lipglosses. Hey, what can I say? I’m odd.

Feeding my obsession for bronze-y lips this Summer Lorac TANtalizer Lips With Benefits have my heart.

Available in three shades (actually four if you count the shade included with the new Lorac Wild For TANtalizer Collection) these take Lorac’s original Lips with Benefits Lipgloss formula and beefs it up with some Summer-y shades!

The unfortunate thing about the original formula is they were dominantly a cream finish. The glosses have a base of cream with a gorgeous tiger-like swirl of sparkling metallic but they applied as a nude cream finish. Needless to say I was a sad camper since I don’t do creams so well.

The TANtalizer sorta falls victim to the same but they seem to have more of a glow to them which gives them a more flattering finish then a mere cream. Also Some of the shades, Antonio for example, is a less than nude shade and quite bronze-y like in nature resulting in a far more flattering finish than a mere cream would give.

I find the wear time, just like the original formula, is quite long thanks to a strong hold on lips. I can get about five hours in before the gloss starts to fade away and shows some wear (without eating or drinking of course). They aren’t a lightweight by any means but they aren’t uncomfortable either so you aren’t left with a tacky, sticky gooey product hanging out on your lips.

The glosses have a creme bruelee taste and scent but nothing like Urban Decay’s Gloss in my opinion. I get more of a sugary, burnt cotton candy taste but if you’re a bit sensitive you might want to do a sniff test prior to indulging.

I mentioned in my past review that these do a Kim K nude look incredibly well and in this case, some of the TANTalizer colors definitely will give you a perfect nude look. I find the main difference between the original shades and the new ones would be the glow they give lips, this seems to be lacking in the older formula.




Antonio, Raoul, Ernesto

The gloss finish runs a little drier in the original formula but I had no issues with these however they like to apply a little patchy so you’ll have to play around a little with the applicator to get the smoothest finish. They run towards being more like a hybrid formula that’s half gloss and half liquid lipstick.

Antonio happens to be the most pigmented of the lot here and very Summer-y with a rosy bronze pop. Raoul (sold with the new Lorac set only) and Ernesto are both nuder shades and have a more glow-y finish sans the bronzed, tanned feeling that Antonio has going on.

I think Lorac TANtalizer Lips With Benefits proved a far friendlier pick for me compared to the original formula. The shades seemed to be much more flattering on me. If you’re looking for a little glow for your lips that compliments a well tanned Summer face look, these should finish off your look quite nicely! Plus you have plenty of room to create that perfect nude lip look with just the right touch of sunny radiance.




Available now Ulta, Ulta.com, Sephora, and Sephora.com or shop them at www.loraccosmetics.com

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  • 4/24/12 23:13 Stacy:

    Aw Muse, both colors look fantastic on you!! i’m gonna have to check these out!! Thanks so much for the review!! ( :


    • 4/25/12 9:49 the Muse:

      aw thanks stacy! my pleasure!


  • 4/25/12 6:54 Mahsa:

    Antoino really suites you


    • 4/25/12 9:05 the Muse:

      thanks mahsa!


  • 4/25/12 7:10 Jane:

    What? No Alejandro?! Cute names.


  • 4/25/12 12:20 Veronica:

    I LOVE the Lorac glosses, some of the matte shades are unflattering though, I have to agree, its hard to pull off. As much as I love the cool tiger stripes in the tube, I mix mix mix & manage to get the right amount of shimmer to fix that. Love the colors, look gorgeous on you, cant wait to go get mine :)


    • 4/25/12 16:43 the Muse:

      agreed veronica, it’s not so matte but the cream finish is just unflattering on me. some folks can really do it but I look like a zombie lol! I def do the same thing, mix mix mix but even that sometimes isn’t enough ;-D so a little colored gloss does wonders to make them wearable. Aw thanks! I think these are far more nicer than the original shades….!


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