Milani Shadow Eyez

You might have your heart set on Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes but if you don’t have $$$ to explore them at the moment, maybe check out the new Milani Shadow Eyez Collection!

The new Milani Shadow Eyez Eyeshadow Pencil promises 12 hours of wear time and comes in five shades for $6.89 each. Quite a steal!

They are available now at CVS plus Milani is Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off this week.

Tried ’em yet?

Do share!

Review on the way!

  • 4/16/12 12:30 Leticia – Cosmetics Aficionado:

    Oh wow! I want that green like yesterday.


  • 4/16/12 12:59 Marina:

    These look so similar to the UD Shadow Pencils! Looking forward to your review!


  • 4/16/12 13:14 Ashley:

    Looks awesome!!!


  • 4/16/12 13:47 monettex:

    I got the white one, but it is super sheer. I do like how it is a dewy finish though and not glittery. It would be good for highlighting, but not really opaque enough to use as shadow or base.


  • 4/16/12 16:27 Karena:

    The peraly beige color looks great! Thanks for the post. Can’t wait to see your review! :-)


  • 4/16/12 16:31 Brittany:

    I do love these ways to apply eye shadow, but i feel eye powder works best on me. Do these smear at all? I’ve been getting some make up from Strawberry but they don’t have anything like this!


    • 4/16/12 16:37 the Muse:

      haven’t tried them yet so not sure if they smear or not.


  • 4/16/12 16:49 εvγ:

    Gonna have to pass by CVS to check these out then! Can’t wait for your review Muse =D


  • 4/16/12 17:16 Cait:

    These look awesome! Just wish there was a brown/taupe option :(


  • 4/16/12 18:11 Susan:

    I picked up the champagne one and the sucker does not budge, I’m really liking it


  • 4/17/12 0:13 Bianca:

    I picked up the copper bronze one… Can’t wait to use it tomorrow :)


  • 4/17/12 2:23 Quinctia:

    If these are as close to UD’s shadow pencils as their Liquif’eye liners are to the UD liners…I will be excited! Especially since I don’t wear that shade of green often enough to justify plunking down for the UD version…Milani, though, I’d spring for! :)


  • 4/25/12 0:59 Zadidoll:

    Wing Law also did a video on these new liners and said these are dupes for Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-On Shadow Pencil ($20 each). Got to LOVE drugstore dupes!

    BTW – the ones she compared to are on clearance on Urban Decay’s site for $9 but which makes the UD liners less expensive than Milani however once sold out that’s it and so the best option would be Milani.


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