Philosophy Italian Soda Bar Collection Summer 2012

My mum is Italian and she always told us when we were little that water was Italian Soda. Needless to say we got all excited about drinking water because we thought it was something super special.

Yeah, Italian Soda, sure…!

The best Italian Soda in the world, imho, is from a little ice cream shop located in Bar Harbor, Maine (or should I say bah haba) but this could be debatable now that Philosophy has opened their own little version of the Italian Soda Bar.

Philosophy Italian Soda Bar Shower Gel Trio $25

  • Strawberry Italian Soda
  • Limoncello Italian Soda
  • Black Cherry Italian Soda

Philosophy Black Cherry Italian Soda Shower Gel $16
The Italian soda scent contains a burst of effervescence and refreshing fruity black cherry to give you a true soda experience.

Philosophy Black Cherry Italian Soda Body Lotion $24

Philosophy Black Cherry Italian Soda Lipshine $10

I need ALL of these even though I am on a shower gel ban for life. Seriously, when you reached a point where you can share shower gel with an entire nation you know you have too many, I’ve reached that point.

Available now at

  • 4/26/12 10:09 Agata:

    You’re hilarious Muse. I have never used Philosophy shower gel, are they really that much better than a $5 shower gel?


    • 4/26/12 10:12 the Muse:

      aw thanks….in my mind I’m a comedian ;-D that cracks MYSELF up but not sure about everyone else ha…! I dunno about better but the variety is fantastic and that always gets props ;-D


  • 4/26/12 10:14 Agata:

    Lol, that’s ok. My husband always thinks he is hilarious too and I love when he laughs at his own jokes more than anyone else :)

    The variety is amazing. Does the smell stay on your skin for a few hours at least?


    • 4/26/12 10:17 the Muse:

      same here ha…so sad aren’t we? ;-D My sister is my best audience she dies laughing whenever I start in. noooo so sad…philosophy is in shower only. I guess they feel like people don’t wanna smell like cookies and ice cream and soda out of the shower ;-D I wouldn’t personally mind though!


  • 4/26/12 10:23 Lisa:

    I think my boyfriend would like this.. I hope 😀


  • 4/26/12 10:27 Agata:

    I got ya, thanks for the answer :) I want to try it out anyways, provided my aforementioned husband will let me spend so much money on a shower gel product :) Have a great day Muse!


    • 4/26/12 10:28 the Muse:

      awww..sometimes they are on sale at places like tj maxx and marshalls, not the new ones sadly…! but at least you can try them at half the retail price!

      You too! happy almost weekend.


  • 4/26/12 10:29 SusanT:

    Thanks, Muse, you’ve got me spending more money, LOL! These sound amazing!!!

    Agata — Philosophy products are amazing. You will not regret spending the extra money for their products. A lot of the shower gels will not linger afterwards, but the shower experience is incredible. I do have their Sugar Chick shower gel, though, and I do sniff it on myself for a while afterward and it smells so nice. Treat yourself — you’ll love their products.


    • 4/26/12 10:37 the Muse:

      susan true true sugar chick does linger a little ;-D

      GIRL! I can’t buy these I already own 10000 philosophy shower gels so I might as well spend your money ha ;-D!


    • 4/26/12 10:59 Agata:

      Thank you SusanT! I am really tempted to try these!


  • 4/26/12 10:30 Andrea:

    Love the accent on Bar Harbor. I lived in New England for a couple of years…couldn’t understand a word some people said at first.


    • 4/26/12 10:36 the Muse:

      LOL anytime I visit I struggle, seriously! but LOVE it ;-D!


      • 4/26/12 10:36 the Muse:

        PS living in New England must have been amazing!


        • 4/26/12 13:58 Andrea:

          Well, I was only about 13 years old, so I didn’t do much…but I did like it!


          • 4/26/12 14:02 the Muse:

            it’s a great place for relaxin’ ;-D

  • 4/26/12 10:45 auroragyps:

    I was disappointed in the Philosophy mini set I got a few years ago during the Holidays. I could hardly smell them, even when I was using them in the shower. I’ll stick with B&BW shower gels: the new Coconut Lime Breeze smells heavenly in the shower & makes my teeny, windowless bathroom smell tropical for the whole day & Twilight Woods perfumes it for over 2 days.


  • 4/26/12 10:47 Jessica Allison:

    Yuuummmm- especially the lemoncello! If it makes anyone feel better about the price, Philosophy’s shower gels are 3-in-1, meaning you can use them as bubble bath & even shampoo.

    I’m not gonna say they’re 100% worth the price, but the formula does have some nice soothing, humectant and conditioning agents, so it’s not “not worth it” :)

    FYI, I have seen Sephora put past-season scents on sale on their website, so thats another place to check if you’re looking to try the formula on the cheap!


  • 4/26/12 13:03 Kate:

    Do you think Sephora will carry this set?


    • 4/26/12 13:05 the Muse:

      no word yet kate, sure hope so! I’ll let ya know as soon as I hear anything.


  • 4/26/12 14:19 Kimryan8:

    Oh no! I literally just got back in the door from Nordstrom picking up the I love Jam set. All 3 smell fantastical! If I bring home any more soap the husband will freak. I lOVE these little sets of 3!


    • 4/26/12 14:21 the Muse:

      ooo lucky! I avoided them, didn’t even sniff, I’m scared…if I sniff I’ll buy noooooooooooo!


  • 4/26/12 14:25 SusanT:

    Kimryan8 — I don’t have a husband to answer to, but you sound just like me. I swear to god, half of my linen closet is jammed full of soap — I am a total junkie! I must have at least 20 bottles of Philosophy shower gels!!!


    • 4/26/12 14:26 the Muse:

      did you guys see that skindazzles is back? not sure if you’re an etailer bath junkie…?


      • 4/26/12 14:35 Kimryan8:

        OMG. Seriously. I have a problem. Every now and then husband says he is going to enforce the “shoe” rule on soaps. New pair in, old pair out. HOWEVER, I do occasionally smell a familiar philosphy scent come from the shower while he’s in it… He’ll deny it but he loves all the fruity smelling ones.


        • 4/26/12 14:40 the Muse:

          LOL awww your hub sounds cute!


          • 4/26/12 14:44 Kimryan8:

            He is!

          • 4/26/12 14:50 the Muse:

            :-D! <3!

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