Pixi Glow Fairy Dust Review & Swatches

Did you manage to get your hands on the Pixi Glow Collection? I finally got my tote that I wanted so badly from Target! It was on back order for ages.

What pieces did you get from the collection?

Anything in particularly you loved?

I think the palette and the Magic Tint Tink were my favs!

And of course Pixi Glow Fairy Dust, that’s a no brainer right? Shimmer!

P.S. If you haven’t indulged in the collection yet there’s a 25% Off coupon after the jump for you!

Where would Tink be without a little fairy dust? Sprinkle some on your eyes and face and think happy thoughts!

This glimmering loose powder in creamy gold adds luster to the inner corner of eyes, on lids, brow bones, cheek bones, or even lips to give a soft, sparkling finish!

It lights up areas with a sparkling finish that’ll be even the envy of Tink herself.

The powder comes housed in a small barrel with a sponge tip applicator for application. It’s actually fairly pigmented so you can build color if you want to use it all over your eyes but I wouldn’t suggest it since it does pack a good deal of sparkle. It’ll widen and perk up eyes if you dab a little in the inner corner of your eye area.

Everyone needs a little shimmer in their life and this brings it with cute Tinkerbell inspired packaging and an easy to use applicator.


Available at Target, Target.com, or visit the new and improved Pixi website at www.pixibeauty.com

Use promo code PIXIRETAIL25 for 25% Off your total and Free Shipping on orders of $50 and more!

P.S. Speaking of fairies, here’s Sh*t Navi Says….prepare to piss yourselves Zelda fans!


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  • 4/19/12 20:54 Ashley:

    The shimmer dust looks very nice! I like that it doesn’t spill all over with that kind of sponge applicator. I have an eyeshadow with a similar applicator and it always has a kind of area of effect… haha

    Video is excellent! <3


    • 4/19/12 22:35 the Muse:

      lol glad you enjoyed the vid ashley!


  • 4/20/12 3:39 Angel:

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Thx for the Sh*t Navi Says! OMG I forgot how annoying she was! LMFAO that was brilliant :) Imma hear that voice in my head all night! HEY! HEY! HEY!


    • 4/20/12 9:26 the Muse:

      LOL ME TOO! omg! “L@@K! L@@K!”


  • 4/20/12 3:49 Anita Jack:

    Excellent writing, and i am happy to read the post. i am determine with the dust comes located in a little gun barrel with a sponge or cloth tip contractor for program. It’s actually quite pigmented so you can develop shade if you want to use it all over your sight but I will not recommend it since it does load up plenty of glimmer. It’ll expand and improve sight if you dab a little in the inner place of your eye place. Thanks you so much..


  • 4/20/12 4:34 Polly:

    hahaha, that video is hilarious! I didn’t realise you were a Zelda fan, Muse!:)


    • 4/20/12 9:23 the Muse:

      yup ;-D Link’s my future husband ;D


  • 4/20/12 5:45 Jane:

    Benefit did this years ago. It was a nice product that I used up. This looks nice.


  • 4/20/12 12:40 Caitlin:

    I missed this collection completely somehow! I am totally cracking out for Pixi Tink makeups now! Arg! Do you know how long that discount code is good for? I’ve already spend my “allowance” for make-up for next week. XD My husband might kill me if I cheat again on my makeup buying limits, but this stuff is SO adorabiggle.


    • 4/20/12 12:41 the Muse:

      caitlin gasp how did you miss it? I blogged all the collection five hundred times lol! with reviews ;-D hehe! Not sure, no date on it sadly :(


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