Problems, Site Down, and All that Babble

Hey there!

Sorry, it’s been a really bogus day for Musings. Apologies. My host is having a ton of issues at the moment and sadly, I haven’t been able to keep my server up due to these issues so the site has been up and down all day (mostly down).

They are working through the issues and hopefully by tomorrow I should be back in order again.

If you can’t access the site just give it a few hours and try back.

My apologies to all of you for the lack of updates.

As soon as things are back to normal new posts will be scheduled to go live!

Love ya all!


Here’s the Moff in a Tardis beanie to make up for all the drama and chaos you’ve been experiencing on Musings today.

P.S. It’s bigger on the inside.

  • 4/13/12 9:50 Ruth:

    Matt looks so befuddeled!
    Matt- Dude, what the hell is on your head?
    The Moff- haven’t you’ve seen a hat before?
    Matt- Sure. Fezz’s, Stetsons, but that? nope, never seen the likes of it.
    The Moff- I wear a beanie now, beanies are cool.


    • 4/13/12 9:54 the Muse:

      LOL indeed tardis beanies are cool ;-D


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