Review: Cheap Thrills and Fluttery Lashes with E.L.F. Studio Volume Plumping Mascara

I wouldn’t call E.L.F. Studio Volume Plumping Mascara a must have but if you’re looking for a cheap thrill and some lightweight, fluttery lashes, she’s your girl to get the job done!

There’s something to be said about three dollar mascara, gotta love it. Wear it a month, toss it away and buy a new one. I’m always so terrible about tossing my $25 to $30 mascara after a few months even though I know it’s absolutely essential I do so. I sure do feel a heck of a lot less guilt indulging in three dollar mascara and tossing it though!

E.L.F. Studio Volume Plumping Mascara isn’t terribly special but it does lengthen lashes nicely and creates a soft, fluttery look without making lashes stiff or crunchy.

Although promoted as a plumping, volumizing formula this produces more drama in the length department than it does in the volume one. I find the formula very light so it keeps curl well and has a nice knack for grasping lashes from the root and curling them upwards and out.

The traditional bushy brush applicator coats lashes well and isn’t overly big so you aren’t left poking an eye or two out during application.

There’s a lot of flutter to be had here just don’t buy it looking for volume.

Basic mascara on the cheap, not too bad a price or a deal for these results.

Of course, I’m not writing my letter just yet to the mascara fandom about it but it’ll do for days I need something light and quick! Great for those looking for a few cheap thrills or makeup users on a budget.

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This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 4/12/12 5:24 Jane:

    I’ll pass on this one. But, their eyelash primer is pretty darn awesome. :))


  • 4/12/12 9:19 Dao:

    I used it before and believe it or not, it was better than DiorShow to me. The lengthening power is quite amazing and it reminds me of Maybelline Full and Soft without the smudges.


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