Rosette Hello Kitty Cleansing Paste For Dry Skin Review

We all know what influenced my Rosette Hello Cleansing Paste For Dry Skin purchase don’t we?

Shhh, let’s not embarrass me and say it out loud k?

So I have pretty much all the Hello Kitty skincare bits and bobs that Rosette has put out. I generally like them, yeah, the packaging is cute, but believe it or not the contents prove practical too.

Rosette Hello Kitty Cleansing Paste For Dry Skin would actually prove HG (holy grail) for me if it wasn’t for one minor problem I’ll tell you about it a sec.

This is a small round blue puck that kinda resembles the old Kate Somerville Exfolikate packaging in the fact you have to push down on the inner flap which in turn allows for the paste to push through a small amount for use.

I find the size quite nice and handy for travel plus it stores easily. A little goes a long way so you’ll make plenty of use out of a single puck that will easily last you a few months.

The formula resembles any traditional collagen wash in the fact it’s thick and creamy. It creates a rich foam and lather as you wash.

The dry skin formula is SO friendly to my skin. It doesn’t leave my skin tight after use and natural sulfur softens skin while olive oil and coconut oil leave my skin feeling soft and nicely hydrated.

Deal breaker…

It smells like toilet paper.

It has this strong grandmotherly floral type scent that’s just complete and utter overkill. I’m not typically sensitive to scented skincare and actually enjoy my skincare scented but this is just cloying. I find this interesting since Korean products are more likely to do this than Japanese ones.

Hates it.

Overall, I have to say, I like the formula so much I’m trying hard to overlook the scent but damn it’s proving hard.

A little puck will set you back $8 or so at if you’d like to try it out.

Fun fact: The translation on the box literally translates as Cleansing Pasta. Cute right? Hehe!


This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
Read my full disclosure statement here.

  • 4/24/12 22:43 Angie:

    I absolutely LOVE all the reviews you do!
    Your description of his Hello Kitty soap really did make me miss my grandma. I love that you were sure to inform us that this paste is for “dry skin”.

    Keep up the lovely and entertaining reviews!


    • 4/25/12 9:53 the Muse:

      aw thanks angie! aw sorry about your grandma *hugs*


  • 4/25/12 2:04 HapaGirl84:

    Aaah! I totally have the oily skin one. I haven’t busted it open yet because I’m saving it for traveling (or so I tell myself…shh don’t let my inner hoarder out). When it finally does see the light of day, i hope to GAWD the toilet paper smell fades away! I got this at Don Quijote in Japan, which is a discount drugstore (I think they sell electronics and circle lenses there too, LOL). They also had a Hello Kitty Rosette cleansing oil, but I didn’t pick that up. Sorry this one didn’t work for you, Muse! That packaging is just way too cute not to give it a try. :)


  • 4/25/12 9:39 Ruth:

    toilet paper!! lol!!


    • 4/25/12 9:42 the Muse:

      true story yo!


      • 4/25/12 10:13 Ruth:

        something that funny, how could it not be true??


        • 4/25/12 10:14 the Muse:



  • 4/25/12 10:59 kimkats:

    Me wanty just for the adorable package! I love the lil package pic of HK washing her adorable little face! TOO Cute!


  • 4/25/12 15:07 Quinctia:

    Oddly enough, I was on board with it literally smelling like paper, but then I realized that’s not quite what you meant. Cloying grandma scent on my face would surely give me a migraine!


    • 4/25/12 15:27 the Muse:

      it’s def cloying grandma scent :-/


  • 4/25/12 20:59 christmas:

    This sounds really good with practical packaging. I don’t really mind scents (but Missha bb cream is one of the only scents that kind of bothers me), so I may try this.
    also lol パスタ… maybe they should have written パースタ, but I think both are pasta.


    • 4/26/12 9:10 the Muse:

      AGREEEEEEEEEEEEEEED Missha’s products stink! the cleansing oil gives me nightmares, so suffocating! I think both are pasta as well? but I’m def not character expert hehe!


  • 4/26/12 14:15 Jessica:

    Who knew Hello Kitty was so helpful at making us look good?!


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