The Body Shop Honey Bronze is Boring, Where’s the New Seasonal Collections?

Dear Body Shop,

Is everything ok?

I really liked the Honey Bronze Collection last year. It was an absolute joy of a release but how come we have to have it again this year?

Remember when you introduced cool seasonal collections that had products like the RoseFlower Blush? Or how about that awesome Smoke & Fire Collection from Fall a few years ago?

Seasons have come and gone and your makeup collections seem to be far and in between lately…and the ones you do are a little, don’t be hurt, meh!

How about we do something exciting for Summer?


Looking forward to your return to glory!

Talk soon!

the Muse

Le sigh…dontcha miss The Body Shop’s brilliant little makeup collections?

Have they been a little slow going lately in the cosmetic realm or am I the only one feeling that way?

  • 4/18/12 10:12 Lisa:

    They took away all my Body Shop stores in my entire area. I’m extremely peeved that I can’t play before I buy. :(


  • 4/18/12 10:45 AnaA:

    I can assure you something great is coming 😀

    Just wait 2-3 weeks and you’ll see


    • 4/18/12 10:48 the Muse:

      nope, unacceptable, tell me more ana lol!


      • 4/18/12 14:10 Teleria:

        Muse, you are going to love what’s coming 😀


        • 4/18/12 14:16 the Muse:

          tell me TELL me tell me damn you ;-D


      • 4/18/12 14:47 AnaA:

        My mistake, already emailed you 😀


        • 4/18/12 15:09 the Muse:

          didn’t get anything ana?


          • 4/18/12 15:10 AnaA:

            I used the contact form… Unless it’s not working.

          • 4/18/12 15:22 the Muse:

            got your dm! ;-D

  • 4/18/12 13:12 Michelle:

    A big AMEN to that! Where, pray tell, are all of the Shimmer Cubes? They would be perfect for Summer…so far, I can only admire them from afar on eBay.


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