Victoria’s Secret Fantasies Radiance with Diamond Dust Collection Summer 2012

Because, ya know, I’m not already covered in enough sparkle, Victoria’s Secret introduces the Diamond Dust Collection.

Oy vey.

The new Victoria’s Secret Fantasies Radiance Collection is infused with illuminating diamond dust to give skin a sparkling glow for Summer.

Mmm I probably don’t need more sparkle on personal being but cheers for more shimmer!

Dazzling Kiss
A brilliant blend of lily of the valley and pomelo.

Brilliant Love
A scintillating blend of blushing peony and blackberry.

Luminous Touch,
A sparkling blend of white peach and sandalwood.

The scents are available in a range of products:

  • Victoria’s Secret Fragrance Mist with Diamond Dust
  • Victoria’s Secret Luminous Body Lotion with Diamond Dust
  • Victoria’s Secret Luminous Body Cream with Diamond Dust
  • Victoria’s Secret Body Wash with Diamond Dust

Ironically, as much as I love shimmer, I don’t technically like it in my bath, body, or fragrance products to this one might be a miss for me.

How about you?

Love twinkling little lotions and potions?

Available now at Victoria’s Secret or online at

  • 4/24/12 12:17 Ruth:

    sparkle party at Muse’s house!!


    • 4/24/12 12:21 the Muse:

      w00t BYOG (bring your own glitter)


  • 4/24/12 12:20 SJG:

    I usually love VS’s bath products (more than BBW’s actually) but the one EPIC FAIL I got from them was a shimmer lotion. It was gritty as hell and felt awful on my skin. I’ll be skipping these, thanks.


    • 4/24/12 12:21 the Muse:

      oh no! that’s awful :(


  • 4/24/12 12:30 Kayla K:

    I really dislike the new packaging of all the vs garden products


    • 4/26/12 22:21 SJG:

      Kayla – it’s trippy that’s for sure. I feel like whoever did it was watching some of those old TV episodes from the 60s where they tried to show “hippies” and how “groovy” they were.


  • 4/24/12 15:06 Icequeen81:

    I want to smell brilliant love sounds really good


  • 11/8/14 8:15 Mangalathevi Subramaniam:

    Hi im Mangalathevi Subramaniam iwould like to buy diamond dust lotion (brilliant love). Im from Johor Bahru, Malaysia..will you do the delivery to me? Plz replya.s.a.p

    thank you.


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