Almay Wake Up Eyeshadow + Primer Palette Almay Eyeliner + Highlighter for Summer 2012

Almay Summer 2012 products are popping up at drugstores. I found a few displays at my local Harmons which contains some new products you might want to check out.

Take a look!

Almay Wake Up Eyeliner + Highlighter $6.79

Almay Wake Up Eyeshadow + Primer Palette $6.79

Almay Wake Up Liquid Makeup Foundation

Almay Blush + Highlighter

I was curious about the palettes but the colors look chalky and uneventful so I ended up skipping.

Anything you’re loving?

Saw it at your drugstore yet?

Do share!

  • 5/21/12 14:03 Hillarie:

    I saw this collection at my local CVS. I’m curious about the blush/highlighter, but I never really have luck with Almay products so I’m waiting for several reviews to pop up before I even consider buying.


  • 5/21/12 15:59 Tiffany:

    the eye shadow palette is TERRIBLE for oily lids. its pigmented and smooth but it has a greasy feel after you touch it. i returned this after just swatching it. FAIL!


    • 5/21/12 16:01 the Muse:

      it looks like a fail tiff thanks for sharing! ;-D off my list for sure now!


    • 5/27/12 8:28 sarina:

      Thanks for telling us that, I was wondering about that too :)


  • 5/21/12 16:46 lauren:

    I just bought the pink and brown doubled ended highlighter/eyeliner. The highlighter side has zero pigment and pretty much blends out to a fine gold glitter, kinda like Nars Hungry Heart. The eyeliner side is super soft and pigmented though. Both smudge easily at first, but are pretty okay after they set a minute. Not sure how this will last in heat on my oily lids but I think it should be fine if I dust a powder shadow over it.


    • 9/17/12 11:13 Jet Buisman:

      Hi Lauren,

      I was looking for Almay products. I saw you already bought them. Do you know where I can find them in London? Thanks! Jet


  • 5/22/12 17:47 Christine Brigid:

    I’ve got a post coming out in a couple days (Monthly Five Fav Products) absolutely panning the Almay Wake Up palette. The colors were some of the worst I have ever experienced. I took it back to the store and got my money back. Absolutely nothing redeemable about the product AT ALL.


  • 7/23/12 20:02 Lisa:

    I’m a huge fan of Almay Nourishing One Coat mascara and their loose face powder but the eye shadow palette really is a miss. And I so wanted the minty green shade to work but all the colors in the palette looked exactly the same on my eyes: like a translucent shimmer. I actually had the same problem with Dior shadows believe it or not. No color, just shiny lids. As I didn’t spend full price on it (coupon thankfully) I stuck it in my box of mistakes for when my boys want to make me up.


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