Bite Beauty Line & Define Lip Primer

Migrating lipstick? There’s an app for that.

Line & Define Lip Primer ($22) is a new, natural translucent base that helps extend the wear of your lipstick while preventing it from feathering.

Dude, I’ve had days where my gloss and lipstick has literally crept up the side of my face…! I think I need something to hold it in place.

With prep our eyes why not our lips?

Whatcha think?

How do you prep lips for color?

Available now at Sephora and

  • 5/10/12 12:30 jenna:

    definitely a necessary step sometimes! i love using Benefit Lip Plump to keep louder shades and gloss in place as they have a tendency to migrate around from my chin to my nose when i’m out enjoying some wobbly pops!


    • 5/10/12 12:36 the Muse:

      haha jenna same here it would go to my hair line if I let it some glosses/lippies don’t wanna stay in place!


  • 5/10/12 17:27 Michelle:

    This is too expensive of a price point for me. I use ELF’s Studio Lip Lock Pencil which is “cheap as chips” as you like to say. It has some drawbacks…it’s only a reverse lipliner, not an allover lip primer, and like all of ELF’s cheapie stuff, the packaging leaves a lot to be desired. But it does a great job of keeping my lip gloss/stick from bleeding for only a few bucks. It’s one of the (very) few ELF products I’d recommend.


  • 5/10/12 23:05 Suzie:

    I have been wondering about lip primer lately, I have never tried one… Do they work?


  • 5/11/12 13:09 Larie:

    I think I might need this for the migrating, super glossy shades.


  • 5/12/12 3:11 deyna:

    hmmm. this reminds me of M.A.C’s lip primer…which i believe is in the same price range. I haven’t tried either but i would be interested in hearing how Bite compares. I’ve heard the selective few that use M.A.C.’s lip primer rave about it/


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