China Glaze Summer Neons Summer 2012

Hey nail girls!

China Glaze Summer Neons Summer 2012 Collection is coming atcha.

Wanna peek?

China Glaze Summer Neons is a selection of 12 sizzling shades of vibrant neons to sport this Summer.


  • Pink Plumeria: Light pink with gold shimmer
  • Under the Boardwalk: Fluorescent raspberry
  • Splish Splash: Bright sky blue shimmer
  • Love’s A Beach: Sizzling hot pink
  • Hang-Ten Toes: Bubblegum neon with iridescent purple shimmer
  • Beach Cruise-r: Glimmering fuchsia grape
  • Orange You Hot?: Bright orange with attention-grabbing gold glimmer
  • Surfin’ For Boys: Glistening bright coral
  • Flirty Tankini: Shimmery strawberry smoothie pink
  • Ride the Waves: Dark ocean blue
  • I’m With the Lifeguard: Glimmering lime green
  • Sun-Kissed: Hot highlighter yellow

The collection is also available in eight piece box sets which feature the following shades:

  • Under The Boardwalk
  • Ride The Waves
  • I’m With The Lifeguard
  • Sun-Kissed, Orange You Hot?
  • Surfin’ For Boys
  • Flirty Tankini
  • Pink Plumeria

Polishes are $7 each and eight piece box sets are $56.

The China Glaze Summer 2012 launches June 2012.

Anything for you?

  • 5/2/12 15:05 K.B.:

    I actually just squealed at my (work) desk. I LOVE bright pink nail polishes! I’ll have to Google swatches, because my podunk town doesn’t have an Ulta. Ugh.


  • 5/2/12 15:08 Sarah:

    I thought we all agreed the 80’s wasn’t fun!


    • 5/2/12 15:12 the Muse:

      I disagree, the 80’s rocked…sorry ;-D


      • 5/2/12 18:00 Sarah:

        80’s rube you are! Acid wash, crimped hair, shoulder pads, that horrid bronze stripe on the cheeks, iced pink lips, members only jackets, just to name a few. Definitely NOT worth coming back to!


    • 5/2/12 15:17 Ruth:

      I was a kid in the 80’s and it was AWESOME!! i’m so sorry that it wasn’t fun for you!


  • 5/2/12 16:14 Jules:

    neon coral = <3


  • 5/2/12 19:27 meghan:

    Pink with gold shimmer?!!!?!? All I can think is “‘PINK PLUMERIA’ LET ME LOVE YOU!!! This whole collection sounds AMAZING, I can’t believe I’m excited for neons!


  • 5/2/12 19:52 The Peach:

    China Glaze’s neons are always so awesome! I may have to pick a few of these up :)


  • 5/3/12 11:45 christmas:

    These look like colors they already have, so I’ll pass.
    Plus neons are evil to apply….


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