NARS Andy Warhol Collaboration Video

The upcoming NARS Andy Warhol Collection won’t launch until October but I’m positive NARS fans want details as soon as possible so here’s a little teaser video with hints at the pop culture aesthetic of the upcoming collection.

Which Warhol character do you think will make an appearance in the collection?

What parallels do you see between Andy and our founder Fran├žois?

Are you excited about this collection?

Do share!

I like the contrast of silver balloons and the sudden unexpected splash of fuchsia as the end but the video is a BIG tease as this really gives nothing away!

  • 5/9/12 14:43 Libby:


    I was sitting here waiting for something meaty and I don’t even get tossed a bone. I’m looking forward to the collection just because I do like Warhol and NARS always seems to be a company that makes me want something even though I definitely don’t need it…


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