Not Up for a Gloss or Lipstick Touch Up? No Worries Beauty Fixation Pre-Filled Portable Swabs Has You Covered!

I apply lipstick in the morning and gloss but I tend to wipe it away as I sip my tea…so perhaps it sticks around on my lips for an hour? Two at the most…!

I’m very lazy touching up, for a beauty junkie you’d think I’d be a little more diligent retouching up my makeup as the day progresses, but I’m not.


Beauty Fixation Pre-Filled Portable Swabs!

There tinted!

These swaps are pre-filled with a moisturizing lip conditioner that keeps dry lips smooth and soft. The best part? They are delicately tinted with a hint of natural color.

Cool right?

Perfect desk drawer essential!

  • 5/7/12 12:54 sierrablue:

    might as well pull out my lipgloss :)


  • 5/7/12 17:04 ReRe:

    Do you know where I can get these in-store?


    • 5/11/12 15:08 the Muse:

      cvs has them rere!


  • 5/7/12 18:18 Atanza:

    … Why not just carry around a lip balm or gloss? I truly don’t understand the purpose of these.


  • 5/8/12 18:25 marie:

    i dont get it either. I was thinking maybe it was something you could fill up with your own lip product… but once again i still dont understand the point of that LOL if you dont like reapplying lip product, then dont


  • 5/9/12 13:33 Melissa:

    if they are individually wrapped i kind of get it..but if not whats the point?


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