NP Set Glam Set Palette Review & Swatches

Gotta admit that when NP Set releases a new little palette at Target I tend to flock to the display for a peek.

My fondest memory of NP awesomeness came in the form of the Pretty Presto! Palette, does anyone own it? I freaking loved that thing and hit pan on it before buying a new one.

It was my turning point for NP Set and meant that I never wrote anything off released by the brand ever after.

Let’s take a look at the NP Set Glam Set.

NP Set released two of these new style palettes for Spring one of which I’m reviewing entitled Glam Set. Glam Set is the more neutral shade selection of the two palettes.

These are a slim line rectangle plastic compact with three wells that contain four shadows, two blushes, and four glosses each. I was thinking to myself it would have been even cooler if you could break apart each well from the unit and take it with you for travel and touch ups. That would kinda make the compact a little more unique.

Unfortunately, I think the quality here isn’t as great as what NP Set typically offers and as always I feel like they are too highly priced.

Everything has excellent pigment however I couldn’t help but feel like something was missing. The shadows are a little too frosty for me, don’t blend well together, look cakey, and have really bad fading issues even with the strongest primer in place. The lipglosses aren’t really good at all with a harder texture, unflattering shade selection, patchy application, lack of shine, and a rather bad taste. The blushers are a minor exception here as the formula is nicely pigmented but not as refined or as silky as I’d like so it does look and feel a bit heavier.

At first glance, I knew I wouldn’t be so into the glosses and lip creams as the shades alone are enough to make me curl my nose up however I was hopeful for both the eyeshadows and the blush. Having had great experience with some of NP Set’s past palettes I did have hope the blush and shadows would be the redeeming factor of the palette.

Sadly, I didn’t feel like the quality was here in the long run….

It just doesn’t feel, apply, or look like a quality palette.

This one is a bit too expensive for what you get. I’d probably be more than happy shelling out $24 if the quality was great but sadly, I’m failing to see that quality. I think the shades swatch a hell of a good deal nicer than they apply!

No likey.

NP Set is available at Target.

Any NP Set’s that turned into a pleasant surprise for you?

Do share!


This review contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR.
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  • 5/8/12 23:29 Allison:

    That really red swatch is a blush?! Yikes.


    • 5/9/12 9:04 the Muse:

      orange allison :)


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