Posts From May 2012

I Can’t Wear MAC Russian Red But Sometimes I Like To Make Believe I Can!

Cult favorite, MAC Russian Red is all the rage for lips and tips this season thanks to the new MAC Fashion Sets Collection which pits up coordinating shades in a MAC Lipstick, Lipglass, and Nail Lacquer formula.

What’s better than MAC Russian Red? MAC Russian Red times three! Get that bold, legendary shade of red in a lipstick, lipglass, and nail lacquer formula now for a limited time.

As for me?

I can’t wear it but I had a hell of a fun time trying today.

I call it my Bozo the Clown look! Or Pennywise….yeah, that’s more me. Because, hey, what’s hotter than Tim Curry in Russian Red lipstick!


The Body Shop Lily Cole Makeup Collection Summer 2012

As you know Lily Cole has been selected as the first ever “face” and ambassador of the Body Shop. Lily’s been busy promoting The Body Shop’s Beauty With Heart campaign that will launch May 15th with the tag line “Look good, feel good and do good”.

Lily will also front a Cruelty Free Make-Up Collection which adheres to the brand’s firm policy against animal testing.

Take a look at the Body Shop Lily Cole Makeup Collection launching this June in the UK (I’m not sure on the US date for this collection as of yet).