Per-fekt Lip Perfection Gel

I could go for a little Per-fekt Lip Perfection Gel but don’t hate me because I think it would make a better cheek stain than a lip gel…just sayin’!

Per-fekt Lip Perfection Gel is a new silky color gel that enhances the appearances of lips offering an alternative to traditional, heavier lipsticks, glosses, and plumpers.

This color gel is formulated with conditioners, vitamins, pure pigments, and beneficial anti-aging ingredients that work to enhance the texture of your lips. Lip perfection gel has a velvety texture that applies evenly and effortlessly to moisturize lips without staining, caking, or causing any dryness or peeling. Plus it eliminates that sticky feel associated with traditional wax-based products.

Sounds like a stain…

Call it a gel but sounds like a stain guys mmm k?

Either way, count me curious.

I think I want to try!

Available now at and

  • 5/1/12 15:14 Cj:

    You know whats crazy. These don’t show up on sephora’s what’s new page, but the Pantone stuff, be you lip balm, benefits foundation, nars tm, etc all do. What the heck is going on with sephora lately!

    Btw Perfekt actually has a cheek gel too


    • 5/2/12 13:48 the Muse:

      oh hells yes! I forgot about the cheek gel that’s been on my want list for a while too! ;-D I know..hate the new site :( HATES!


  • 6/24/12 17:26 Carla:

    That is why I just order it from perfekt beauty website. They have all the products there.


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