Sephora Moonshadow Baked Palette In the Heat Photos

My sister is a fair bit older than I am so I blame her for my taste in music a fair bit. As a fan of Journey of course she loved Asia and much of that love rubbed off on me…!

I dunno ’bout you but no one does Asia’s In the Heat of the moment as good as Jensen does….and maybe Sephora too with their new In The Heat Moonshadow Baked Palette (add “in the moment” and you can have your own 80’s fan girl moment there).

Take a sneak peek at this palette after the jump!

Do you love it?

I know I freaking do!

Can’t wait to swatch!

Review is on the way shortly.

Available now at Sephora and

  • 5/2/12 12:50 kiwikiwidragon:

    i want this one too, i have the other two as well. I have a few lems before it, like the Clarins summer collection and a few other beauties from sephora.


  • 5/2/12 15:04 Devon:

    I love baked palettes at the moment, I think they look like little planets so I can pretend I have a galaxy in my make-up bag 😀

    Devon xx


  • 5/2/12 16:46 Mandy:

    omg I love this episode of supernatural! I always get this song stuck in my head


    • 5/2/12 16:47 the Muse:

      haha me too btw why do they always sleep with a shirt on? damn them! damn them to hell! ;D


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