Sephora Shades of Nature Eye Shadow Palette Imma Like Your Looks but Not Your Price

I absolutely adore the Sephora Strokes of Nature Eye Shadow Palette but not sure I’m willing to dish out this much for “one of those massive Sephora Palettes”….

Take a look!

The Sephora Shades of Nature Eye Shadow Palette is a selection of 35 silky eyeshadows for Summer.

These bright, sparkling shades are a variety of subtle and vibrant shades of shadow with seven colors from Sephora’s own Pantone Summer trend book (oranges, corals, peaches maybe?).

I’m quite curious. I’ve seen actually photos of the palette and it looks gorgeous but I’m a little scared of the $55 price tag just because I’ve splurged on some of Sephora’s bigger palettes before and they proved a little disappointing….!

What do you think?

Willing to splurge for this one?

Available this Summer from Sephora and

P.S. Story of my life this week…pressure but dig, Max Payne and Diablo III to look forward to!

  • 5/15/12 11:11 diane:

    muse…a few weeks ago i got home and there was a package from sephora. “what? i didn’t order anything!!” i thought…opened it up- THIS WAS IN THERE!! along with a letter from Sephora thanking me for being one of their best customers (i.e.: giving them all my dollars) and telling me to enjoy it, play with it and then to review it for them when it launches on the site in june!! i was dancing around like a fool lol. this thing is a BEAUTY…been wearing the shadows almost daily- they are pigments and don’t budge all day for me with eye primer. the inside cover is also a hugeee mirror!!!


    • 5/15/12 11:28 the Muse:

      holy cow that’s awesome! I WANT one ;-D hehehe! that’s really super nice…just from sephora or sephora’s PR team? I’m eager to try but a little skeptical I’ll like it…! It looks cute though ;-D


      • 5/15/12 18:55 Diane:

        Im not sure, it came in a ups envelope instead of like a sephora box lol. I love it, its so pretty


        • 5/16/12 9:53 the Muse:

          aww i wants one!


  • 5/15/12 11:24 Leticia – Cosmetics Aficionado:

    It looks gorgeous, but like you I have been let down by Sephora products before.


  • 5/15/12 11:26 Rachel:

    I am going to skip. I unfortunately have never had luck with sephora brand items. Does look like a fun palette


  • 5/15/12 12:01 Missy:

    Nah .. been burned too many times on Sephora brand palettes, especially at that price.

    Muppets + Bowie + Queen + Diablo III = **I dies* 😀 😀 😀


    • 5/15/12 12:03 the Muse:

      LOL missy <3! great quad right?! ;D


      • 5/15/12 12:21 Missy:

        heck yeah! I’d def hit pan on that! LOL LOL


        • 5/15/12 12:22 the Muse:



  • 5/15/12 12:48 Brandi:

    I got this sent to me from Sephora as well! Although I have been out of town and unable to go pick it up from my Mom(where it was sent). Some people were also sent the Sephora + Pantone Universe Strokes of Nature brush set. It is a beautiful set, I just wonder if it would be worth purchasing…


  • 5/15/12 15:23 Leticia – Cosmetics Aficionado:

    OK, I am officially jealous Sephora has been sending these out and I didn’t get one LOL!!


  • 5/15/12 15:43 Phyrra:

    It looks beautiful!


  • 5/15/12 21:32 Quinctia:

    I can’t help but compare Sephora’s store brand to Ulta’s store brand. And Sephora’s seems soooo overpriced in comparison, unless the product was really unique–like those metallic eyeshadows, which I have one of, haha–I’m always going to leave it.


  • 5/15/12 21:52 Coral:

    The last Sephora palette I purchased was only $35 and I was really in love with it. Problem is it got shuffled to the bottom in my drawer-o-makeup palettes. But I don’t know if I really would be willing to spend $55 on this palette. It doesn’t, “Wow” me enough to spend that much on it.


  • 5/16/12 19:47 sheepy:

    meh, the price will go down soon. remember the colorista palette last year? started off 36 or something and went down to 19, and the hot hues palette went from twenty something to 7 bucks….


    • 5/17/12 16:27 the Muse:

      true dat!


  • 11/4/12 20:36 Kelsey:

    Hey Muse, it’s $17 now! Just so you know. So excited!


    • 11/5/12 14:29 the Muse:

      brilliant going to wait for FF and haul thanks girl!


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