Smashbox Spring Forward Kits Have Captured My Eye!

Smashbox has two color selections of their Spring Forward Kits which I’m kinda lovin’ on at the moment.

These sets include three full products for $39:

  • Smashbox Blush
  • Smashbox Be Legendary
  • Smashbox Limitless Eye Liner

Color Selections:
Punchy Pink

  • Blush Rush in Radiance
  • Be Legendary Lipstick in Fuchsia Flash Matte
  • Limitless Eye Liner in Smoke


Crush-worthy Coral

  • Blush Rush in Chiffon
  • Be Legendary Lipstick in Melondrama
  • Limitless Eye Liner in Java

I’m kinda in love with the coral collection!

Ugh…! Like I need more peach shades in my life.

Available now at


RIP Adam Yauch, thanks for reminding me hip hop is as cool as rock and metal. My teen years were all the better thanks to your musical influence.

  • 5/7/12 11:36 Sara elisabeth:

    That’s so, so sad about MCA!


    • 5/7/12 11:40 the Muse:

      agreed :(


  • 5/7/12 11:55 Shamim:

    ARGH, is this coming to sephora??


    • 5/7/12 12:04 the Muse:

      appears to be exclusive to smashbox shamim!


  • 5/7/12 14:14 Joyce:

    I feel like this is the first time in a long time that Smashbox has caught my attention! I’ve been thinking, forgive me Smashbox, that if they didn’t do anything awesome soon, then they may become obsolete! Of course we’ve seen a few brand resurrections in the past anyways (Stila, Hard Candy) 😛


  • 5/7/12 16:12 Tigress:

    I actually yelled “Noooo!” and began to cry when I found out about MCA. I’ve been a Beasties fan for about 19 years now. I’m so grateful I had the chance to see them in 1996. He was such an awesome human.


    • 5/7/12 16:16 the Muse:

      I saw them in ’95-96 as well….it was such a turning point for me since my musical taste at the time was very grunge and old metal. They really changed my mind about music in such a major way!

      such a shame! I was shocked when I read the news :(


      • 5/7/12 16:25 Tigress:

        Yeah, they were the only hip hop band I listened to, unless you count Rage Against the Machine. I’ve always been a punk rock girl, so I really appreciated where the Beasties began.

        Did you see them when Bad Brains opened? We must be about the same age, I’ll be 31 on Sunday.


        • 5/7/12 16:41 Tigress:

          Correction – I saw them June of 1995. I just found my ticket stub. Wow.


  • 5/7/12 23:28 Phyrra:

    I was so saddened about MCA. I still remember when I first heard the Beastie Boys


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