Softymo Super Make Off Sheet Hyaluronic Acid Review

Softymo Super Make Off Sheet might be a little familiar as I did indeed review a different version of them a few months ago.

These are the Hyaluronic Acid formulation and quite possibly my top pick for makeup remover wipes at the moment.

Take a peek!

Hyaluronic Acid in makeup wipes is genius as far as I’m concerned. Many wipes leave me either sticky or a little tight after use but the addition of Hyaluronic Acid not only moisturizes my skin after use but helps it remain dewy and “bouncy” after use. Love!

Granted, my skin is bone dry lately so these aren’t going to offer a ton of hydration but they do help aid in retaining moisture and not completely stripping it from my skin, total plus as far as I’m concerned.

The snap close box contains 52 wipes all of which remain fresh throughout the entire time you use them since they remained sealed in a cute little pink box which a snap closure.

The wipes don’t do a great job with waterproof mascara and makeup but will remove most everything else without an issue when you’re looking for a quick way to get it all off in a hurry. I depend on wipes like these when I get home late and just can’t deal with the entire “remove my makeup” regime.

I give these a huge yay!

Muse Approved for purchase.

If you’re loading up a cart at I’d slap a box or two into your cart. I think you’ll love them as much as I do!


This product was purchased by the Muse for review purposes.
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  • 5/9/12 22:42 cat:

    How do these do with gel eyeliner?


    • 5/10/12 10:40 the Muse:

      ok with gel but not so fab with liquid and/or waterproof mascara. but a bit of tugging involved to remove gel


  • 5/10/12 9:38 Lulubelle:

    I read something recently that said Hyaluronic Acid can actually damage your skin. I know, heresy! I’m still digesting this information and need to read more.

    Here’s an excerpt:
    Skin damaging cosmetic moisturizers are designed to push water into the skin and wet the outer skin proteins. Various detergents (but they may not be labeled detergents) and water-holding molecules such as hyaluronic acid often loosen the outer skin proteins so water can interact with them. But this weakens the skin barrier and lets in viruses, bacteria, and allergens.

    (Source: Loren Pickart, PhD)


    • 5/10/12 10:18 the Muse:

      zomg don’t say that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • 5/17/13 18:52 Fuu:

    I prefer the Collagen type, or the Q10. I feel like too mush HA breaks me out.


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