the Balm at Nordstrom

Nordstrom has been stepping up its beauty game in a major way lately. Hey, not that it was lacking but I love all the newer brands they are introducing.

Now you can get the Balm at Nordstrom too!

the Balm is now carried at plus you can take advantage of their Free Shipping to you or back if you dislike something you order.

the Balm, cool shipping, just two more great reasons to love Nordies.

P.S. How’s your week going?

  • 5/23/12 9:38 Tiffany:

    Ahh! This would be a lot more exciting for me if I hadn’t just gone on a theBalm shopping spree at Marshalls!


    • 5/24/12 9:21 Fluffy:

      I also got a bunch of it at Marshalls. I was really excited.


    • 5/24/12 12:15 Margaret:

      Exactly! Why get it at Nordstrom’s when you can pick it up cheap at T. J. Maxx?


  • 5/23/12 10:51 Kim:

    That’s good news. And Nordstrom is having double points on credit card purchases right now too.


  • 5/23/12 11:18 Ruth:

    I just purchased some of their products last week on haute look. I got a blush and the nude ‘tude pallet. I need more blush like a hole in the eye but it was on sale! and that is how i justify my purchases, it was “on sale”.


  • 5/23/12 19:49 Nat:

    Oh Muse, I love reading your posts each day. It scratches my beauty product itch, and keeps me from buying stuff I don’t need! As well as showing me what I should buy, hee-hee. :)


    • 5/24/12 9:50 the Muse:

      aw thank YOU nat so glad you enjoy Musings <3!!!!!!!!!!!


  • 5/27/12 17:42 Liz:

    Agree. Great products & I love that it’s a girl power company. And any company that also features company mascot dogs us good in my book.


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