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Happy Haulin’!

  • 6/22/12 13:40 kate:

    Hi Muse! I’m so glad I can read your posts on my Android now. I was asking my husband if my phone needed an update because I couldn’t see the site! I was wondering if you still like your Dior hydrating concealer? I know you did a review on it back in 2009 and you loved it. Not sure if you still do? Im having a baby the end of July and want to invest in a darn good concealer! My under eye darkness is not severe and gets evened out w/ Bobbi Brown corrector. So, I’m wondering if the Dior one is worth it. Sorry this isn’t the place to ask about it since it should have something to do with CVS. But ok, I’m ordering Milani stuff bc Seattle doesn’t have Milani!!! Thank you!


    • 6/22/12 13:44 the Muse:

      hey kate!

      is it working for you ok now hun?

      Mmmm I do but haven’t repurchased tbh since that time! I’ve found/discovered other concealers I love more ;-D congratsssssssssssssssss! yay! did you see my review on It Cosmetics Concealer? It’s kinda my new hg as well as dermablend concealer good stuff! btw order from cherryculture.com they have 20% off on Milani!

      congrats again xoxoxo!


      • 6/22/12 13:54 kate:

        Thanks Muse!!! =) I’ll check out IT concealer and I bet like 100% I’ll end up buying it @ cherry culture because you like it so much! hahaha Thank you!!!! xo!


        • 6/22/12 13:58 the Muse:

          I think you’re really like it kate! wish I had an extra to send you! try using it with the elf studio concealer brush if you have it, it creates a nice finish. Also don’t use a lot it’s crazy pigmented! I reviewed it a few months ago, just check under the it archives, should be under mid range cosmetics. :) you’re most welcome! xoxoxo! hehe I love the bargains on cherry culture…! they are always so darn cheap, wish they’d offer free shipping with the coupon!


          • 6/22/12 14:59 kate:

            aw you’re so sweet to think about sending me a sample! thanks muse! you’re SO good to me!!! <3 I totally read your review like 5 times and the item is in my shopping cart. LOL. at soap.com, you can get 2 for $47, free shipping, and they get it to you in TWO days. that's right, TWO. I've ordered from them before and I swear, they really did get my stuff to me in 2 days! Plus! There are coupon codes you can use to get another 15-20% off! I think the current one is SOAPAFF, free shipping off $25 and 15% off your first order! And, I did see the Elf Studio Concealer Brush- I'm on top of this one as I have one so now I know what to use it with! LOL. THANK YOU!!! =D

  • 6/22/12 14:22 Cj:

    Holy crap! They’re perfume prices are outrageous! I was hoping to score some cheap perfumes but geez small bottles are priced the same amount as the big 3.4oz bottles at sephora


    • 6/22/12 14:40 the Muse:

      try perfumnia they have a ton of sales!


      • 6/22/12 14:57 Cj:

        Ooh thanks!! I need to get a new bottle of Taylor swifts perfume, mine fell off my dresser :'( But on the bright side my room smells delicious lmao


        • 6/22/12 14:58 the Muse:

          I don’t think I sniffed ts’s fragrance yet…..if you like it I prob will ;-D now I have to go sniffle ;-D


          • 6/22/12 15:03 Cj:

            I’m not even going to try to describe it to you lol I’m horrible at describing scents, buts it’s really nice :)

          • 6/22/12 15:09 the Muse:

            so am I don’t feel bad ;-D!

  • 6/22/12 16:29 cat:

    Eh. I hate when these show up in my inbox. I’m always tempted but then I really consider it and realize I’d lose money getting things I don’t want. The only thing I really want now are the Revlon balm stains but I can just wait until they start carrying them in the store.


    • 6/25/12 12:37 the Muse:

      sorry cat, just thought folks would be interested.


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