Bath & Body Works Liplicious Bronze Jungle Lip Gloss Summer 2012

In an effort to keep us interested, because after all, we have far too many Liplicious Lipglosses, Bath and Body Works introduces Bronze Jungle Lip Gloss.

Notice the Beauty Rush-like packaging? Technically speaking since they are so completely different from other Liplicious Lipglosses you already own perhaps you won’t feel as guilty indulging yes?

Liplicious Bronze Jungle Lip Gloss Bronze Berry
Juicy, tropical berry flavor with beautiful berry color.

Liplicious Bronze Jungle Lip Gloss Amazon Coconut
Tropical coconut flavor with a beautiful bronze color.

These are $9 each (or Buy 2, Get 1 Free) and available now at Bath and Body Works locations or online at

P.S. Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats Hooooo! @ Journey’s!

  • 6/4/12 12:18 Corey:

    I WANT THAT COCNUT BAD (sorry for caps, baby just pushed caps lock, but then i agreed with caps b/c how much i want that bronze)““`


  • 6/4/12 12:34 Tammie:

    Bronze Berry seems nice…maybe I will pick it up some time~


  • 6/4/12 18:18 Margo:

    Wow those are lovely, the packaging is to die for!


  • 6/4/12 19:35 thismakeupgirl:

    These look cute! But I smelled one in the store (I think the bronze one) and I almost gagged. And I usually love cocounut!


  • 6/4/12 21:55 Aretsuya:

    Is it just me or does the packaging remind you of hourglass lipglosses? But I hope there’ll be more shades. The two posted ones look pretty but I don’t think they’d go well with my skin tone (the berry shade looks too cool-toned and bronze is too brown for me to pull off).


  • 6/5/12 9:00 Amy Amethyst:

    Thundercats! I loved them so much when I was growing up. Not that I ever finished growing up because that’s no fun. I remember having a Thundercats lunchbox too. Anyway, these look nice but I’m trying not to buy anymore lipglosses because I have so many and I will never get them all used up if I keep buying more.


    • 6/5/12 10:15 the Muse:

      lol me either amy, me either, still very much a child here! ;-D I loved T-cats too, I remember play acting them as a kid with my best friend kelly. I’m TRYING hard to resist Liplicious glosses too lately ;D


  • 6/5/12 17:43 Phyrra:

    The packaging is adorable!


  • 9/27/15 13:01 Purnima:

    How to order bronze berry lip gloss??


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