Bath & Body Works Liplicious South Beach Cool Gel Lip Gloss and Balm

Headed down to South Beach peeps with some new Liplicious South beach Cool Gel Glosses and Balm because obviously, I don’t already over-own enough Liplicious Glosses, naa not me….no way!

Cool Gel Lip Gloss?

That sounds freaking cool but it’s just another fancy word for gloss!

Liplicious South Beach Cool Lip Gloss

  • Light Coral Shimmer with Mango Martini Flavor
  • Light Pink Shimmer with Strawberry Mojito Flavor
  • Light Plum Shimmer with Tropical Sangria Flavor
  • Light Blue Shimmer with Blueberry Margarita Flavor

Liplicious South Beach Cool Gel Balm

  • Pink High Shimmer with Berry Lime Cosmo Flavor


I want them all! Ahhh!

Love the idea of a Blueberry Margarita flavor.

These are available now at Bath and Body Works or online at

  • 6/20/12 17:46 Sarah A.:

    I love them!
    I think they’re on sale for like $3 right now due to the semi annual sale!
    I bought a gloss called amazon coconut which had a sponge tip want instead of the regular packaging they have. It’s incredibe. Very sparkly and sheer and moisturizing, but not excessively.


  • 6/20/12 17:51 Michelle:

    That Cool Gel Balm looks awesome. I love the idea of high shimmer ANYTHING! It looks so summery. :) Think I’m gonna have to haul that.


  • 6/21/12 8:28 VampiressDoll:

    Ah, my eyes I need that sparkly gel stick. I’m going to have to hunt it down elsewhere. It’s a shame that B&B haven’t opened a store in the UK.


  • 6/21/12 9:55 Butterdaisy:

    Love the Blueberry margarita one and the sangria. Definitely getting those.


  • 6/21/12 10:00 auroragyps:

    I wonder if the Tropical Sangria smells anything like their Pink Sangria candles (which I think smell like Fruity Pebbles and I love them so much).


  • 6/24/12 9:52 Fancie:

    I never tried BBW glosses but the packaging is making me think I want this. Especially that glitter balm. It’s so cute!


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