Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale Starts June 13, 2012

Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale starts next week on June 13th.

Crazy right?

I commonly associate the semi-annual sale with the end of Summer for some reason. I dunno about you but my Bath & Body Works starts hacking down both Spring and Summer Collections at this time.

What are you hoping to haul?

I’m kinda hoping I can nail some candles and fragrance oils in the Spring/Summer scents as I was good and didn’t indulge even with all those 2 for $20 deals.

Be on the look out for an alert via snail mail and a coupon that can be used during the event (I got mine yesterday) which is $10 off a $40 purchase.

Have fun and of course, Happy Hauling!

  • 6/7/12 11:33 Cj:

    I’m selling my laptop today to some guy from Craigslist. If you don’t hear from me tomorrow I was probably killed, chopped up into tiny pieces, and possibly eaten from what I’ve been hearing about what’s been happening in Miami. Anyways, I wanted you to know… I’m leaving you my pocketbac collection! Lol <3


    • 6/7/12 11:34 the Muse:

      awww thank you! I’ll cherish it ALWAYS! lol but in all seriousness be careful. He didn’t promise you candy and makeup for it did he? If so, don’t GO!


      • 6/7/12 11:52 Cj:

        …but he said he had the new Mac collection early!!! 😛 nah it’s all good my uncle is going with me, he’s a scary looking guy lol!


        • 6/7/12 11:57 the Muse:

          *hugs you tight* be careful come back to me…! and don’t drink or eat anything he gives you! LOL ;-D craigslist is so damn scary ;D


  • 6/7/12 12:35 Tammie:

    Do you think we’ll get a coupon via email? I don’t think I’ve received any snail mail from BBW before…


    • 6/7/12 12:38 the Muse:

      mmm maybe?!


      • 6/7/12 13:00 Tammie:

        I hope so~. I want a coupon too! :)


    • 6/7/12 16:00 Kitten:

      Tammie, sign up to receive things from them via snail mail and you may get the coupons in the mail then :-) I’m sure there’s something on their website for it!


      • 6/7/12 16:49 Tigress:

        I get a ton of e-mails from B&BW and snail mail as well. Just give them your e-mail address next time you’re in the store, or I think you can sign up on their website. :)

        I’m going to be good and try not to enter a store during the sale since I have entirely too many products as it is. Wish me luck!


        • 6/7/12 16:52 the Muse:

          LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! ;D


  • 6/10/12 4:00 angie:

    I snagged a 7.50 lipgloss for 50% off today! I love the co bigelow mentha lip gloss!


  • 6/10/12 22:34 lucky:

    Also were getting rid of black raspberry vanilla, black amethyst, forever sunshine, into the wild and mens classic


  • 6/29/12 17:58 asha:

    when will the sale be ending?


  • 7/6/12 16:36 Josie:

    When does the sale end? Anyone know? Please…….


    • 7/9/12 12:17 Tammie:

      It ended yesterday.


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