Bobbi Brown Instant Pretty Collection QVC Today’s Special Value

The Bobbi Brown Instant Pretty Collection is Bobbi’s latest QVC Today’s Special Value and comes with seven products including a full size Bobbi Brown Face Palette Concealer in your choose of your shades.

The palette is one of my personal favorites from Bobbi so quickly ordered up on this one.

Take a look!


  • Bobbi Brown Sheer Pink Sheer Color Cheek Tint (glowing pink)
  • Bobbi Brown Pretty In Pink Lip Gloss (sheer pink)
  • Bobbi Brown Pink Lemonade Shimmer Lip Gloss(soft pink with pearl)
  • Bobbi Brown Pink Bellini Long-Wear Cream Shadow (a shimmery neutral pink)
  • Bobbi Brown Black Mascara (blackest black)
  • Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream (.23 oz)
  • Bobbi Brown Face Palette (Shades Available Porcelain, Sand, Beige, Natural, Honey, or Warm Almond)

I love this set because it brings together everything that’s create about Bobbi’s flawless, natural philosophy on makeup. You have essentials for a pretty in pink look.

The set is $69.88 plus $7.22 shipping. You can order it one time using item number A229465 which allows you to also seal in this price and get another selection of the same products, different colors, in October. If you’d like it for one time only you can use item number A229353.

A great deal in my humblest.

Available at

  • 6/19/12 9:46 JenJ:

    The eye cream alone is worth the price of admission lol! Can’t tell if it’s full size but if it is that alone is $46! BB is one of my favs be it high end or low end.


    • 6/19/12 10:51 Sara Elisabeth:

      The full sized eye cream is 0.5 oz, so this about half of full sized.


  • 6/19/12 10:34 Laurie:

    Muse, what all is in that face palette? Is it highlighter, bronzer,contour, blush, concealer, foundation? Or is it all concealers that you blend to get a perfect shade? I want this kit but if it’s all concealers in the palette I know I’ll only use the lightest one and the rest will go to waste. Thanks


    • 6/19/12 10:35 the Muse:

      it’s a concealer palette laurie. two shades of concealer, one face concealer, and setting powder.


      • 6/19/12 12:06 Sara Elisabeth:

        What’s a face concealer?


        • 6/19/12 12:10 the Muse:

          as in concealing spots/dark errors, concealing acne, etc..


          • 6/22/12 16:15 Karena:

            Hi Muse – It’s not a face concealer in the palette. It’s the foundation stick foundation formula.

  • 6/19/12 10:37 Sara Elisabeth:

    Which items are full sized?


  • 6/19/12 10:47 LINDARRAGNAR:

    That face/concealer palette looks really nice!


  • 6/19/12 11:31 Maria:

    I want this!! lol


  • 6/19/12 15:59 Irene:

    do you have a helpful resource for figuring out what color I should order? I can’t remember my mac color to try and search for it.


  • 6/19/12 19:54 Avalith:

    oh my god I was looking for a face palette.. I THINK THIS IS IT! Has everything I’ve been looking for!


  • 6/19/12 22:49 Julie:

    Ordered this kit yesterday! The palette is her Corrector, Concealer, Stick Foundation, and yellow Setting Powder. You use the salmon-toned corrector under your eyes first to cancel out the bluish tinge of dark circles followed by the concealer. It is the system I use and I’m never without them!


  • 6/29/12 1:33 Melissa:

    Muse! It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but as your fellow concealer junkie I had to come and comment here. I had been meaning to get Bobbi’s concealer after you raved about it and deemed it HG, so when I saw this TSV on I JUMPED at it. I absolutely LOVE the palette. It’s smaller than I thought it would be, but with the corrector and concealer you only need the tiniest bit of each to fix undereye circles, so it will probably last a while. I can’t believe I didn’t try this sooner! I combined that with Jouer’s Luminizing Moisture Tint (which I’m crazy about) and my skin looked absolutely flawless today. Bobbi’s concealer is definitely my HG, especially after the discontinuation of Maybellines Dream Mousse Concealer (which I know you were heartbroken over as well). So yeah, this is my huge thank you for recommending the concealer, I’m absolutely head over heels for it! :)


    • 6/29/12 12:29 the Muse:

      I’m so happy to hear that melissa ;-D It really gives such a natural finish to skin! kinda my skin but better look! ;-D le sigh, I understand, can’t believe they dc’ed that, I still sob for it daily :(

      You really should try the original concealer palette, it’s actually creamier and more hydrating than the face palette one! btw did you like the eye cream? it’s my first time trying it and I LOVED it!


  • 6/29/12 11:25 Laurie:

    I have mine and used it today. I am in love with all of it! It creates such a casual, pretty look. The only thing I needed to add was a little eyeliner. I like this kit so much better than the new Tarte one. I just can’t get that Tarte eye color to work with my blue eyes and it is a real pain to blend that crayon thingy.


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