Call me a Dork but…

I’m terribly excited about installing this. Blush! Wouldn’t it be kewl if they had a Russell Brand version? I’d buy that in a flash!

  • 6/11/12 20:15 Littlecreek:

    Oh Muse, sweet sweet muse……sometimes I worry.

    BTW trip to asain market was fun. Really wish I could read Korean as every sign explaining why the fruits/veggies were was all in Korean. We bought stuff based on if it looked interesting. Good times were had. And I got brown sugar Mocci. Super excited.


    • 6/12/12 9:41 the Muse:

      lol come on tell me you don’t LOVE the sims 3! go on admit it ;-D aw awesome! sounds fun! mochi balls nom! ;-D


    • 6/12/12 17:10 Majick:

      brown sugar mochi? are they the little ice cream things wrapped in a dough like stuff? YUM! I love the mango and green tea ones, oh and the red bean and and anddddd I NEVER heard of brown sugar – MUST TRY! *(sorry for butting in to the conversation LOL)


      • 6/21/12 9:57 Littlecreek:

        I haven’t been able to find a place that sells mochi ice cream yet. The stuff I get is boxed like little treats (people of the world correct me if I’m wrong but mochi is the dough like stuff on the outside of the ice cream or in my case the fillings). If you should find a selection of mochi treats AVOID THE BROWN SUGAR ONES AT ALL COSTS! The mochi and filling were OK, but they had covered it with some type of weird powder that was awful and it took forever to get the taste out of my mouth. It made me a sad panda. :(


  • 6/11/12 21:32 Fruity Lashes:

    OMG! Really!? I would never have imagined something like this would pop up from EA.


    • 6/12/12 9:24 the Muse:

      hah right?


  • 6/12/12 17:11 Majick:

    Since I’m so bad I don’t even get the joke, I’ll just call you a Dork Butt! LOL (but I mean it in the nicest way)


    • 6/13/12 9:26 the Muse:

      basically brooke is call me a lame-o because the sims isn’t hardcore enough for her gaming sk1llage ;-D hehe ;-D


    • 6/13/12 11:35 Littlecreek:

      LOL Now now, I have nothin against the Sims. It’s a good game. But Katy Perry’s Sweet Treats?

      I guess I can’t say too much, I’ve spent way too much of my life playing Katamari games. Nothing says hardcore like rolling a herd of cattle onto a ball and watching their little legs kick.


      • 6/13/12 12:08 the Muse:

        don’t believe ANYTHING she says majick…she’s trying to passively aggressively make fun of the sims ;-D


        LOLLLLLLLLLLLL now who’s a dork ;-D

        have you been hitting up D3? I’ve been kinda mucking with it but it keeps getting pushed aside


    • 6/13/12 12:42 Littlecreek:

      Minecraft has kept me from D3. I said no new games til Skyrim, but brother begged claiming it was so we could spend “family time” together (Xbox can have 8 people in a world simultaneously and he lives 4hours away) but I think he just wanted more help gathering resources.

      Oh and Hi Majick, terribly sorry for hijacking your comment. Forgiven? 0:-)


      • 6/15/12 14:27 the Muse:

        seriously and proceeding to make fun of my sims expansion pack!? MC? come ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol! yes b/c d3 is absolutely great for “family” time LOL! ;-D


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