Clinique Happy Summer Spray Review

Ohhh sometimes I get a feeling! A happy one! Clinique Happy Summer Spray gives me that feelin’!

Elizabeth Arden Sunflower and Clinique Happy were my first big girl fragrances when I was in my teens. If you’re as old as I am, I bet they were yours too.

If you’re still a lover of Clinique Happy, I happen to be, you’ll adore the fact that they revamp the formula and give it a little lighter freshness for Summer.

Let’s take a look at Clinique Happy Summer Spray.

Clinique Happy Summer Spray is available for limited time this summer and bottles up the light, refreshing energy of the happiness of well, Happy!

This floral scent will evoke plenty of memories I’m sure including ones of happy, sunny days with a burst of crisp, fresh floral notes floating on a warm Summer breeze.

The fragrance contains the floral heart of the original Happy fragrance and couples it together with warm, bright citrusy notes giving Happy a lighter, invigorating burst of fragrance for Summer.

Don’t worry, they haven’t mucked with anything you love about the original Happy fragrance, they merely lightened it up!

Get Summer-y with Clinique by purchasing your limited edition bottle on counter now or at

And don’t forget from June 30 through July 1st a Summer in Clinique Mobile Beauty Studio will visiting the Hamptons if you’re on the east cost so people can easily purchase their fav Summer essentials from Clinique and you’ll also be able to enter some fun summertime giveaways and receive some sweet treats!

The Clinique Summer Mobile Beauty Studio will be at the following locations:

Saturday June 30th
Surf Lodge 12-4PM
183 Edgemere Street
Montauk, New York

Sunday July 1st
Sole East Beach 12-4PM
90 Second House Roads
Montauk, New York

Visit the Summer in Clinique mini website which features tips and tricks for Summer beauty at

Are you a Happy Fragrance user?

Love the scent?

Not a fan?

Do share!

Any favs from Clinique you use daily?


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  • 6/28/12 12:18 Dawn:

    My clinique favs:

    1. Chubby Sticks in Strawberry and Watermelon
    2. Mild facial soap
    3. Redness Solutions foundation
    4. High Impact Mascara
    5. Super moisture Foundation( in the winter)
    6. Blush in New Clover
    7. Lid smoothie 8 hour eye color in Bit O’Honey
    8. Color Surge Matte eyeshadow in French Vanilla
    9. Take the Day off makeup remover (HG for WP mascara)

    I don’t use Happy, though!



    • 6/28/12 12:23 the Muse:

      awww why not happy dawn? ;-D

      have you tried the melon chubby stick Dawn? It’s incredible!!!!


      • 6/28/12 12:54 Dawn:

        I plan to try the melon next… I’ve just never really liked Happy on me. But, I’m planning an Ulta trip this weekend, so I’m going to see about this one.


        • 6/28/12 13:09 the Muse:

          you’ll love it I’m sure! such a great shade. lmk if you do sniff, it’s a lighter version of Happy not a ton has changed so if you don’t like the original this might do it for you either :(


  • 6/28/12 12:20 Fran:

    I sprayed this on my wrists at Ulta the other day and it smelled so good! I may grab a bottle, though I don’t really need a new fragrance.


    • 6/28/12 12:23 the Muse:

      get it get it! so great for summer imho ;-D not cloying, so fresh!


  • 6/28/12 12:56 18thCenturyFox:

    Montauk + Clinique? I need out of Nevada!


  • 6/28/12 23:57 Amy Amethyst:

    Aaahh the memories of Sunflowers perfume! It reminds me of going over to a friend’s house and smelling hers. I think she eventually gave it to me since she didn’t really wear it. That time period also reminds me of Exclamation perfume. I used to love Clinique’s Happy to Be perfume. I liked it much better than the Happy. Wish they still made it. I never really liked Clinique makeup much though.


    • 7/5/12 16:25 the Muse:

      ha amy! right? totally brings back memories! lol I remember ! perfume ;-D


  • 6/29/12 16:27 katchimo:

    Ugh I want them to bring back Happy to Be!


  • 7/8/12 19:43 Louise:

    Happy has been my favorite fragrance since the day it came out when I was in high school! I’ve tried to branch out, but it just didn’t work out. LOVE this scent.


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