Hello Kitty Retractable Kabuki Brush Review

I figure if I’m going to use a Kabuki brush it should be a cute one yes? The new Hello Kitty Retractable Kabuki Brush should fill my sweet tooth for kawaii!

This versatile little retractable kabuki is small enough to fit comfortably in your hand and easy enough to use with your favorite powders, bronzers, and blushes. The bristles are super soft white synthetic ones with pale pink tips. I had no issues with shedding on this little guy and it worked flawlessly buffing my powder in. I even used it with a baked blush and it works a treat creating a Photoshopped finish on my cheeks!

But let’s face it, who cares how it performs, all we’re really interested in is the fact it’s blingy gold and features Hello Kitty’s darling little face on the top! Squee!

This delicious little brush is a little pricey at $28 but it’s so cute I’ll forgive it.

Available exclusively at Sephora and Sephora.com

P.S. I’m starting my Teen Wolf countdown! Tyler you will be my boy toy, you just don’t know it yet!


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  • 6/1/12 12:30 Cj:

    Does this mean I can have Colton?! I swear the only reason I watch that show is for all the shirtless man candy lmao


    • 6/1/12 12:38 the Muse:

      he yours! ;-D I’ll take tyler b/c that boy is just too cute. I wanna cuddle with him ;-D


      • 6/1/12 12:43 Cj:

        The things I would do with Colton…

        Ok ok ok I need to stop, back to makeup, that’s a nice brush right thar lol!


        • 6/1/12 12:46 the Muse:

          it’s ok, you can lick him from head to toe ;-D lol!


          • 6/1/12 12:50 Cj:

            Lmao! I swear one of these days were gonna make your blog go R rating lmao 😛

          • 6/1/12 12:50 the Muse:

            oh i WOULD like that ;-D I’d be cussing all over the place instead of typing azz I could type ass without fear of offending anyone lol! ;-D

          • 6/2/12 8:08 Majick:

            I couldn’t see the reply button on Muse’s comment about the R rating but I will add that my pst would be much more “colorful” if not totes offensive! LOL
            I have to admit, I love the way you make your point without being lewd. I also will admit that I’ve stolen some of your terms because they are funny and cute and everyone knows what you could have said.
            My new goal is to clean up my language because I really admire people who can make a strong point without cursing. Anyone who needs a good stream of curses, feel free to ask, I’ll hook you up. ROFLMAO😜

          • 6/7/12 12:31 the Muse:

            lol thanks majick! I try to keep it clean, def not really up for dropping f bombs or anything like that ;-D I know people sometimes comment with them and I have to edit…you never know who is reading and who will be offended so def try to keep my language friendly ;D

  • 6/1/12 13:08 Xero:

    It’s sooo cute! Too bad it’s so pricey!


  • 6/1/12 17:53 Grace:

    Would totally get this if only it was a bit cheaper! It’s absolutely adorable!


  • 6/5/12 18:08 Phyrra:

    it’s so cute!


  • 6/6/12 1:26 BooBooNinja:

    Ditto what Phyrra said :) and what Grace said :)
    Cute cute cute!


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