Laura Mercier Cinema Noir Fall 2012

The Laura Mercier Cinema Noir for Fall 2012 Collection will be launching in July (Fall Collections? Already?).

Laura’s inspiration for her Fall 2012 Collection draws from her background as a fine art painter and focuses on the mood and attitude of women through different art periods. For the fall season, Laura was inspired by Hollywood stars in the late 1940’s—the era when black and white film transitioned into colour. This classic period featured intellectual beauties like Ingrid Bergman, Katherine Hepburn and Rita Hayworth, and their signature looks in films had a sensual quality—slightly colourized, sexy yet subdued. The overall cinematic feeling is one of vintage charm, strong romanticism and an ultra-feminine appeal.

Take a look!

Makeup is modern and dramatic. Eyes wear muted shades in smoky mixes of teals and chocolates, blended together to create a true sultry appeal. Lashes are long and voluminous tipped in burgundy, defining and enhancing the eyes. Lips have a creamy soft finish in shades of roses and mauves, while cheeks are luminous and glowing. Nails are painted in soft shades of nude and cocoa.

Lara Mercier Eye Colour Duet $22 (LE Shades)

  • Mystere
  • Suspense

Laura Mercier Tightline Cake Eye Liner $22 (LE Shades)

  • Deep Teal
  • Ground Expresso

Laura Mercier Long Lash Mascara $24 (LE Shade)

  • Burgundy


Laura Mercier Shimmer Block $38.(LE Shade)

  • Starlet Mosaic

Laura Mercier Nail Lacquer $18 (LE Shades)

  • Cocoa Suede
  • Organza
  • Nude Silk

Laura Mercier Crème/Shimmer Lip Colour $24 (Repromote Shades)
Passion Fruit
Tea Rose
Raspberry Sorbet
Fresh Brown

I can’t believe we are talking Fall 2012 already!

I’m really loving the polishes in this collection but not sure I need much else. I’m a palette kick lately so Laura would have had my heart if she did some sort of Fall Palette.

What do you think of Cinema Noir?

Are they your colors?

Do share!

Laura Mercier Fall 2012 will be available as soon as July on counter and online at

  • 6/11/12 11:29 Ester:

    I like the look of the Starlet Mosaic, but I’ll be shopping the MAC Heavenly Creature collection with mineralized blushes and MSF’s, so I probably won’t need it.


  • 6/11/12 12:07 Barbara:

    I am totally okay with the early release of Fall/Winter collections, since they normally contain colors that suit me best, but this is REALLY early. The fall shades have always been my favorite and this collection looks pretty nice. I’ll check it out once it comes out, but I won’t be making any purchases until it’s closer to fall.


  • 6/11/12 12:42 Jules:

    I really love the nude nail polish assuming all that shimmer translates in real life… but other than that it is kinda “meh” for me.


  • 6/11/12 20:07 Molly D:

    I tried the black cake tight line eyeliner and it was…not good. i even bought the activator with it and for $40 to get an eyeliner i thought it would be really black and beautiful but it was really hard to work with and not alot of color payoff!


  • 6/11/12 22:33 shusheshe:

    This is…really really early. Though I’ve been kinda meh on laura mercier for a while now.


  • 6/12/12 10:43 Andrea:

    HI MUSE,
    I believe these are already at…Crazy huh, for a fall collection!


    • 6/12/12 10:49 the Muse:

      jeepers! it comes faster and faster before ya know it we will be discussing holiday together andrea!


  • 6/12/12 23:15 PJ:

    I love how LM is drawing from her artistic roots, as in the Bohemian Collect , but it is not for me. Funny thing is, several years ago, she was all I wore. Her collections either seemed more down to earth and less dramatic then, or I was just younger, any willing to take more risks with ” my look”. I cant get away with that anymore! More makeup=wrinkle amplification!


    • 6/12/12 23:17 PJ:

      FYI, I am really loving Chantecaille’s MU at the moment!


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