L’Occitane Angelica Face Toner Review

L’Occitane has introduced a new Angelica Skincare Collection for Summer 2012. Angelica was used in the middle ages for its medical properties. It’s a soothing, hydrating essential oil that offers moisture and toning properties.

I honestly didn’t know a thing about Angelica until I started reading about it after the L’Occitane Angelica launch. Having drier skin of course, I was curious what Angelica was all about.

This launch is an entire skincare collection that addresses the needs of drier skin who desire contentious moisture.

I recently checked out the L’Occitane Angelica Face Toner, having dry skin this was a great excuse to test this toner out and see what it could do for me here’s a few thoughts on it!

L’Occitane Angelica Face Toner is alcohol free and contains angelica essential oil as well as a water base. I’m always terribly puzzled by toners that contain alcohol. Alcohol anything tends to dry skin out even worst amongst other things so why include it in something we use on our faces? I was happy to hear it’s essentially water based!

This is a basic toner unfortunately. It’s not bad in anyway but I expected more moisture from it. It tones nicely, preps skin for moisturizer, and just generally acts as any good toner should. It doesn’t dry my skin out or cause any chaos however, I didn’t feel like it added any extra moisture either which proved disappointing.

Those sensitive to scent should beware as it does have a rather strong herbal smell that some may find pleasant where as others might wrinkle their nose up at it. At first sniff, I wasn’t terribly impressed. It’s kinda smells like just turned dirt with a mix of herbally plants thrown in. But after a few uses I got used to it and even started enjoying it.

One thing that does deserve to be mentioned is the fact that angelica is an essential oil so sensitive skin may or may not freak out over this. I suggest a swatch test in store maybe on the back of your neck or side of your face if you are interested in purchasing it.

Overall, I personally expected more moisture from the toner. Angelica is so highly marketed by L’Occitane as a great way to hydrate skin and lock in moisture that I think I expected far nicer results. In the end this just proved a fairly basic toner and a little too expensive ($20) for what it actually did.

If you’re curious to try it out it’s available now at L’Occitane Boutiques as well as online at usa.loccitane.com

Tried anything from the Angelica Collection?

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  • 6/5/12 23:21 Jayne:

    I found the scent to be a bit off-putting as well…


    • 6/6/12 9:54 the Muse:

      jayne did you like the formula? curious minds!


  • 7/19/12 22:09 Tracy:

    Hi! Love your blog! I just bough the toner and I’m interested to see how my skin reacts to it. I have sensitive, combination, and acne-prone skin.


    • 7/24/12 10:14 the Muse:

      hi tracy, thanks so much, hope you enjoy this let me know how it works out for you!


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