L’Oreal Infallible Eye Shadow New Colors New Shades

As you know from a prior post I did, L’Oreal Infalliable Eye Shadow is available in six new shades. Drugstores displays are popping up now with the shades as well as a new gel liner entitled Lacquer Liner.

I picked up a few of the new shades even though I have a little bit of a love/hate relationship with these eye shadows but who could resist some of these gorgeous colors?

Take a look!

New Shades:

  • Liquid Diamond
  • Bottomless Java
  • Golden Emerald
  • Glistening Garnet
  • Endless Sea
  • Smoldering Plum

Golden Emerald

Glistening Garnet

Endless Sea

Bottomless Java

Smoldering Plum

I’ll have a review/swatches/looks with these up shortly.

Did you see the display?

Picked any up?

I saw the new colors at both Harmons and Walmart.

  • 6/21/12 13:28 Cindy:

    Oh those colors are to die for! Endless see is just so mesmerizing! What a lush color.


  • 6/21/12 13:35 K.B.:

    Ooo! I want Golden Emerald and Endless Sea and maybe Bottomless Java and/or Smoldering Plum.

    Ugh. I keep buying these shadows and then giving them away because I’m not crazy about the colors. Although I L-O-V-E Golden Sage and I really like Eternal Sunshine. I’m so-so on Gold Imperial, and I gave Amber Rush and Bronzed Taupe to one of my co-workers. I keep getting sucked back in, though. lol


  • 6/21/12 13:48 Vic27:

    omg endless sea looks stunning! can you do a look with that shadow muse? :)


    • 6/21/12 13:57 the Muse:

      yup will do vic ;D


      • 6/21/12 15:03 Vic27:

        thanks muse! :)


        • 6/21/12 15:07 the Muse:

          aw it’s my pleasure!


  • 6/21/12 13:50 JinJoo:

    omg, these are like 2-3 dollars more in Southern California! What gives??


    • 6/21/12 13:56 the Muse:

      jinjoo this harmons so they are cheaper than say cvs/walgreens/etc…if I went to another drugstore they would be 3-$4 more as well…!


  • 6/21/12 14:42 Kim:

    I bought Endless Sea at Walmart a couple weeks ago. It doesn’t seem to be pigmented enough for me though. I will have to try it with a base for better results. I already owned two of the older ones that I liked a lot but this one doesn’t seem to be as nice in the pigment dept.


    • 6/21/12 15:02 Julie:

      Maybe try a white base like nyx’s milk to try livening up the color?


    • 6/21/12 21:23 Susan K:

      I have Endless Sea too and was less than impressed when I swept some on with my e/s brush. Then I used a sponge tip applicator, packed it on there a little bit, and it was bright & bold, even prettier than in the pan. You’ll have all the pigment you can handle!


  • 6/21/12 17:16 Libby:

    Ah! I want them all! Ok, maybe not Endless Sea but besides that one, these colors are definitely up my alley! Especially Smoldering Plum and Glistening Garnet!! I must keep my eye out for these!


  • 6/21/12 20:05 Lulubelle:

    I should have kept reading – that’s the display I saw at Ulta! I got Liquid Diamond and the gel liner in Slate.

    I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts about these. I’ve got a love/hate relationship going on with the Infallible shadows as well. So pretty, but more shimmer (and glitter from the looks of some of the new ones) than I can handle.


  • 6/22/12 0:02 Therese:

    OMG, these are $6?? In Australia they’re approx $24! And the US and AUD dollars are almost parity at the moment. Talk about being ripped off! = (


  • 6/22/12 3:05 Priscilla:

    Are these permanent or just for the summer?


    • 6/25/12 12:37 the Muse:

      looks like perm Priscilla


  • 6/22/12 3:19 rebecca:

    I picked up Bottomless Java not having tried these before; I picked up Iced Latte at the same time. I’m convinced either I need a new brush or I need someone to show me how to use these things because I could not get it right. I put it on and my husband was like “Wow, you’re wearing a lot of very sparkly eyeshadow.” Not quite the effect I was going for, y’know?


  • 6/22/12 4:38 Musebeliever:

    So beautiful and cheap… The same eyeshadow cost 10 euros in France… Approx 13$… Whyyyyyyyyyyy ?


  • 6/22/12 4:46 M:

    wow, L’Oreal’s whipping up new colours super fast!


  • 6/22/12 8:12 Zoe:

    I’m lemming after the turquoise one! I just noticed the price too! Unbelievable! Ireland is similar to France – €10.79 here which is so expensive. I have friends on a J1 visa in America at the minute so I have a shopping list for them haha :)


  • 6/22/12 9:22 Angelic Mariposa })Ӝ({:

    I so love harmon but I was lemming these so hard I couldn’t wait!! I could have used my coupons!!! These are just GORGE!!


  • 6/22/12 15:05 Kimryan8:

    WOW I just got Endless Sea – so beautiful. I can’t believe it, I’m blown away. It was on sale for $5.99 at Jewel (Foods in chicago)


    • 6/22/12 15:09 the Muse:

      fantastic! enjoy it kim!


      • 6/22/12 16:08 Kimryan8:

        I’m gonna tweet you a pic, sooo awesome. I am so suprised how nice this is.


        • 6/26/12 12:38 the Muse:

          i don’t think I got your tweet girl less I missed it?!


  • 6/22/12 19:26 Tee:

    Love the eyeshadow. Glides on like butter :)


  • 6/23/12 0:16 Flavia Signori:

    Do you know if CVS and Walgreens are selling them too? Or some other place in NY that sells L’Oreal Infallible ^^



    • 6/25/12 12:30 the Muse:

      I’m in new york and most all cvs/walgreens have these Flavia.


  • 6/23/12 11:57 jackieg02:

    I got Liquid Diamond and Golden Emerald. Liquid Diamond is so pretty


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