L’Oreal Youth Code BB Cream

I wouldn’t have noticed this if a reader, Rachel, hadn’t pointed it out. Apparently L’Oreal Youth Code is entering the BB Cream realms.

Right now Drugstore.com has L’Oreal Youth Code BB Cream available in a two shades, Light and Medium, for $16.99. Already they have points against them for a lower SPF of 15 but let’s not be too quick to judge eh? Sorry, can’t help myself, my track record with US drugstore BB Creams has been pretty bad so far.

L’Oreal Youth Code BB Cream promises five functions:

  • Evens
  • Illuminates
  • Perfects
  • Moisturizes
  • Corrects

Youth Code BB Cream Illuminator provides a hint of luminosity and sheer tint, while promoting a more even tone, perfecting skin texture, moisturizing and protecting with SPF 15.

Available now at Drugstore.com

I’m curious about this one…!

  • 6/21/12 14:00 Cj:

    I’m waiting for the new garnier one to pop up on eBay, I heard its pretty good. It can’t be worse than the last one lol


    • 6/21/12 14:57 Nellie:

      Against all the reviews, I bought the last Garnier “BB Cream.” It was TERRIBLE! I will listen to Muse from now on.


      • 6/21/12 15:00 the Muse:

        aw nellie sorry! garnier’s bb cream is simply tm and a bad tm at that :(


    • 6/21/12 16:38 Rachel:

      @ CJ, whats the new Garnier BB cream? Not skin renew?


      • 6/21/12 16:44 the Muse:

        rachel it’s a new oil free version with mattifying properties. It launched earlier this month in the uk so I imagine we’ll get it for Fall 2012.


        • 6/21/12 16:44 the Muse:

          eeep sorry just noticed you @CJ’ed that ? I butted in apologies. I’m on auto pilot with comments.


          • 6/21/12 16:54 Cj:

            Yeah butt out muse gosh! jk jk jk <3 ya

          • 6/21/12 16:55 the Muse:

            lol yes *zips lips* your moment of glory, the floor is yours sir hehehehehehe ;-D wanna be my little intern?

          • 6/21/12 17:12 Cj:

            Lmao do I get paid? I accept makeup as salary XD You’d probably need a team of interns to tackle your comments lol

  • 6/21/12 15:24 Hillarie:

    My mom is actually thinking about buying this one when she runs out of her Aveeno tinted moisturizer


  • 6/21/12 16:18 Tiffany Martin:

    I’m curious too! I haven’t tried it yet.


  • 6/21/12 20:00 Nina:

    Somebody has to stick up for the Garnier BB cream – lol! I really like it – much more than the Clinique, Estee Lauder, and Sephora’s Dr.Jart ones I’ve tried. I’m a little confused that L’Oreal has 2 new BB creams launching at once, this Youth Code one and the Magic one.


  • 6/21/12 20:24 cynthia:

    I saw this available near my rite aid store and was so tempted to trying it. The retail price was $10 something but then I thought I wanted your input review first before purchasing this.


  • 6/21/12 21:37 LINDARRAGNAR:

    17$ SCHMUCKS!! !?!?!??! EH GADS!!! maybe I am just strange but to me “drugstore” makeup should be 7$ and under. It’s funny because then I will spend 50$ plus on a foundation, or eyeshadow palette!! :)


  • 6/21/12 23:47 Gina:

    I saw this at Walgreens, don’t recall the price but anyways…there was a sample of the shade Light, it was very creamy (a little went a looong way) but when it dried it had a decent finish, at least on my hand. The Light was pretty pink though so anyone needing a more yellow base will need to look elsewhere. Wondering if the medium is different or just a darker pinky based shade…hm.


  • 6/22/12 14:17 Ricky Blue:

    I saw this at CVS yesterday. I was tempted but I’m skeptical of the brand I guess. Lately I’ve been pretty satisfied with Aveda’s tinted moisturizer. It’s not cheap, but it’s cheaper than the ones you’d get at Sephora. I actually prefer it to the expensive BB creams I’ve tried because it’s not as goopy. The only “bb cream” I’ve really enjoyed is the one I ordered from Korean brand Skin79, but who knows what’s in that…


  • 6/24/12 13:33 Ivana:

    Coule of weeks ago I started to use Skin Food Mushoom BB as well as Good Afternoon Berry Tea BB. I agree with aal what Muse has said previously, Korean BBs are the best. And they are actually half-price of this.


    • 6/25/12 11:22 the Muse:

      aw glad to hear it ivana!


  • 7/13/12 7:35 Annette M.:

    I was wondering with so many BB creams out on the drug store market like Garnier, the Maybeline and now L’Oreal..Can you do a side by side comparison of them all? like their Pros and Cons and what not..??

    I have the Garnier one that came out last January and I totally hate it..Its too slick, I love the tinted moisturizer from Neutrogena but I wanted something that more to offer like the BB creams, but I didn’t want to pay 50$ for them, as I already spend that much on Foundation. I wanted a simple alternative for the days you dont really feel like the “whole” makeup process.


    • 7/17/12 11:14 the Muse:

      annette perhaps in a future post :) I’ve reviewed the Garnier and felt very similiar, just wasn’t that great :-/ you don’t have to spend $50 on a BB Cream, Korea/Asian BB Creams are around $10-$15. :)


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