MAC Nail Lacquer Collection Summer 2012

MAC Nail Lacquers Summer 2012

All about tips today with the new MAC Nail Lacquer Summer 2012 Collection. Nail girls, brace yourself, they are releasing a slew of shades.

31 Colors, 31 Finishes the new permanent range of MAC Nail Lacquer’s has a little something for every nail girl.

MAC’s first permanent Nail Lacquer collection delivers in 31 colours and 3 finishes. Go dark and cool with Deep Sea and Nocturnelle. Dark Angel and Formidable! are a sultry complement to the poppy-inspired shades of Fiestaware and Morange. Screaming Bright and Discothèque go big with glitter, and sultry Soirée charms with champagne shimmer. Keep it nice and neutral with Skin and Faint of Heart. From trendy to timeless, scorching to sweet, there’s a shade for every mood.

MAC Permanent Nail Lacquer Collection $16

  • Overlacquer Clear topcoat
  • Faint of Heart Palest milky nude (cream)
  • Delicate Pale sheer ballet pink (cream)
  • Skin Light peach beige (cream)
  • Quiet Time Beige nude (cream)
  • Snob Light neutral pink (cream)
  • Saint Germain Light cool pink (cream)
  • Fiestaware Mid-tone orange coral (cream)
  • Impassioned Bright warm pink (cream)
  • Morange Bright cream orange (cream)
  • Steamy Bright mid-tone blue pink (cream)
  • Girl About Town Bright blue fuchsia (cream)
  • Shirelle Classic bright red (cream)
  • Flaming Rose True red (cream)
  • Coffee Break Mid-tone cool taupe (cream)
  • Spirit of Truth Navy blue (cream)
  • Deep Sea Deep teal (cream)
  • Rougemarie Dark blue red (cream)
  • Vintage Vamp Rich deep wine (cream)
  • Dark Angel Dark grape (cream)
  • Nocturnelle Rich true black (cream)
  • Discothéque Super glitter silver (pearl)
  • Screaming Bright Super glitter gold (pearl)
  • Soirée Sparkly light bronze gold (frost)
  • Girl Trouble Super glitter pink (pearl)
  • Mean & Green Purple with teal multi changing pearl (pearl)
  • Anti-Fashion Mid-tone dirty purple with pearl (frost)
  • Formidable! Teal green with pink multi changing pearl (pearl)
  • Midnight Tryst Dark cool grey steel with pearl (frost)
  • Nightfall Blackened frosty gunmetal (frost)
  • Sparks On Screen (Online Only)
  • Super glitter red (pearl)

MAC NaiLacquer QuietTime

MAC Nail Lacquer Shirelle

MAC Nail Lacquer Saint Germain

MAC Nail Lacquer Rouge Marie

MAC Nail Lacquer Overlacquer

MAC Nail Lacquer Nocturnelle

MAC Nail Lacquer Morange

MAC Nail Lacquer Midnight Tryst

MAC Nail Lacquer Impassioned

MAC Nail Lacquer Formidable

MAC Nail Lacquer Fiestaware

MAC Nail Lacquer Vintage Vamp

MAC Nail Lacquer Steamy

MAC Nail Lacquer Spirit of Truth

MAC Nail Lacquer Sparks on Screen

MAC Nail Lacquer Snob

MAC Nail Lacquer Skin

MAC Nail Lacquer Screaming Bright

MAC Nail Lacquer Nightfall

MAC Nail Lacquer Mean Green

MAC Nail Lacquer Girl Trouble

MAC Nail Lacquer Girl About Town

MAC Nail Lacquer Flaming Rose

MAC Nai Lacquer Soiree

MAC Nai Lacquer Faint of Heart

MAC Nai Lacquer Discothéque

MAC Nai Lacquer Delicate

MAC Nai Lacquer Deep Sea

MAC Nai Lacquer Dark Angel

MAC Nai Lacquer Coffee Break

MAC Nai Lacquer Anti Fashion

These will be available July 5th at Nordstrom and will launch at MAC locations August 2nd as well as online at

Any you love?

  • 6/13/12 10:19 Cj:

    So… Many… Polishes… *faints*


    • 6/13/12 12:01 Ruth:

      *fans* breathe, sweetie. it’s ok, they’ll be waiting for you.


  • 6/13/12 12:53 Laurie:

    Wow, that’s going to be tempting but I’m going to wait for reviews before splurging. For $16.00 I’m hoping the formula is amazingly special.


    • 6/13/12 14:30 Cindy:

      Exactly! After the white nail polish they released in the “Hey sailor” collection, I’ll wait!


  • 6/13/12 15:16 Quinctia:

    Given the reviews I’ve seen for their formula recently, I’d honestly think twice before putting on a Mac polish someone gave me for FREE…let alone buying anything from them at $16 a pop! It takes me time to paint my nails, so I hate to waste my time on a rotten formula.


  • 6/13/12 16:48 Southern Gorgeous:

    Oh Em Gee.


  • 6/13/12 23:46 tee:

    Awwww I think I am seeing duochromesss!!!


  • 6/14/12 1:04 Ruthless:

    Good to see them releasing new things that aren’t LE.


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